Bonnie AKA “The Rainmaker” is the CEO and Managing Director of The Mauldin Group. She is an Ambassador at the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce and is the author of several business books including Big Bang Marketing Plan, Online Marketing 101 and How to Create and Promote A Corporate Wellness Program. Bonnie has over 15 years of experience in marketing, has won several business awards and has been featured on Fox News, CNN and The Huffington Post. She was top in sales for a Fortune 500 company and left her corporate career to transfer her talent towards helping small businesses and entrepreneurs establish strong brands, grow their companies and thrive long term. In her spare time, she is reading motivational books, playing jazz and classical music and learning how to speak Spanish. She lives with her husband and 2 kids in Roswell, Georgia.



Jinna Marbry is our Content Marketing Manager and in-house creative writing (story telling) guru. Jinna holds a B. S. in Communication with a concentration in Journalism, a minor in Professional Writing and a certification in Social Media Marketing from Kennesaw State University. Having a deep passion for blogging and social media, Jinna is most often in her “writing zone” when you come to visit but, is also our “go-to” resource for clients when it comes to strategizing content that achieves audience building and viral messaging. When not working at The Mauldin Group, what is she doing…writing of course. With a passion for creativity, Jinna is working on several writing projects but also makes time for photography, oil painting and most importantly her family.


Jason is a Digital Marketing Assistant with the Mauldlin Group. He is a Kennesaw State University graduate with a BA in Communications and has more than a decade of writing and design experience. A storyteller at heart, Jason loves using words to paint pictures, and his passion for writing comes through in all his work. In his spare time, Jason enjoys discovering new music, playing and writing about video games and spending time with his wife, Wendi, and daughter, Lily.


Arlette AKA Arl is a Digital Marketing Assistant with The Mauldin Group. She has a Bachelor of Science, in Agriculture and she is passionate about helping small businesses enhance their internet presence through exceptional content marketing and social media. Arl is charged to write blogs, white papers, eBooks, and guest magazine posts to make clients shine online. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking Filipino cuisine and reading nonfiction books.


Emily is a Digital Marketing Assistant working in the Web Development and SEO Department at The Mauldin Group. She is a Kennesaw State University graduate with a BFA in Graphic Communications with more than 5 years of experience working in digital design and marketing. The enjoyment that comes from making someone else’s vision a reality is the drive behind her work. In her spare time, Emily loves to go trail riding with her horse, Sam, and solve Rubik’s cubes.