How to Avoid SPAM Filters for Your Emails

Help Your Newsletter Escape the Dreaded Spam Filter

Not all emails that end up in the spam folders are from rich princes asking for your banking information. Newsletters are too often the victim of a spam folder summons, but knowing how to work around filters can save your newsletter.


5 Ways To Kill Your SEO

Ways to Get Away With SEO Murder

It never fails that the first question asked by our clients when evaluating their marketing program is how do I get better SEO for my website? When it comes to Digital Marketing, SEO is definitely one of the biggest considerations however, doing it incorrectly can not only hold you back but, can actually kill it. So the bigger question is, what are you doing that is killing your SEO? Here are five ways you may be putting the nail in the coffin of your SEO without even knowing it.


A Website Evaluation Pays off in More Ways Than One

We Want a New Website! What Comes First?

As one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Atlanta we are often asked by potential clients- what are the first steps for taking on a new website project? Without a hitch, we will tell them that the first and foremost step is a review of your website; what we call a website evaluation. And, almost always the second response is but why evaluate my old website when I know I want a new one?


Branding War, Game of Thrones Tips for Take No Prisoners Marketing

A Branding War Has Arrived, Are you Prepared?

Your kingdom is in place. After years of blood, sweat and tears battling the forces of a lagging economy and brutal operations costs, you have built a business that is strong and successful. Unfortunately, your enemies abound. You are now facing a branding war. It is time for a take no prisoners marketing defense of your brand. What better place to get guidance for your marketing battle than, the Game of Thrones.


How To Create a Marketing Plan for 2017

New Year, New Marketing Plan for 2017.

The 2016 fourth-quarter financial reports are in; your business now has its sights set on new growth and a new marketing plan for 2017. Now it’s time to kick off your marketing plan but, before you start spending those marketing dollars, there are a few questions to ask yourself.


Newsletter Design: Why and How It Matters

The Art of Email Newsletter Design Have you ever considered the work put into an email newsletter design? Take a look at this picture: Compared to the elegant brushstrokes of other artists’ techniques, this piece might appear very plain, easy. You may have stood in front of Piets Mondrian’s Red, Blue, and Yellow for the…


Making A Social Media Video Impact

Social Media Video is the next evolution of digital marketing – and it’s already happening. While engaging content is important to Google rankings in terms of social media and in particular mobile use, video content is imperative to attract and keep audience attention. New Social Media Video apps are becoming extremely popular, such as Ripl, an…