5 Ways To Kill Your SEO

Ways to Get Away With SEO Murder

It never fails that the first question asked by our clients when evaluating their marketing program is how do I get better SEO for my website? When it comes to Digital Marketing, SEO is definitely one of the biggest considerations however, doing it incorrectly can not only hold you back but, can actually kill it. So the bigger question is, what are you doing that is killing your SEO? Here are five ways you may be putting the nail in the coffin of your SEO without even knowing it.

A Website Evaluation Pays off in More Ways Than One

We Want a New Website! What Comes First?

As one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Atlanta we are often asked by potential clients- what are the first steps for taking on a new website project? Without a hitch, we will tell them that the first and foremost step is a review of your website; what we call a website evaluation. And, almost always the second response is but why evaluate my old website when I know I want a new one?