Bonnie / The Mauldin Group has helped propel my business to a higher level by providing me with the tools, resources and service to not only increase my company’s online presence, but to have it stand out in a remarkable way. Bonnie created a beautiful website for my company from scratch, asking the right questions that resulted in the design and message that best represents my brand — I was amazed at the creativity and thought that was put into the design of my website.

While The Mauldin Group applies their expertise to my company’s online marketing presence, behind the scenes they are providing me with valuable resources to grow my business. I receive the weekly Mauldin Group Ecourse from which I have learned a wealth of new information (in a concise, easy to read and take-action format that fits with the busy lifestyle of a business owner). The Mauldin Group also provided me with the Online Marketing 101 Ebook, a valuable business-building roadmap. Both of these resources are now my go-to guides on every aspect of growing my business.

My business is now “off the ground and running” thanks to the Mauldin Group. I am so energized by the results and in knowing that more amazing things are going to happen with my business this year with The Mauldin Group as my expert online marketing consultant.