Bonnie Mauldin specializes in getting our brand, our message, to the masses through repeated and consistent digital media services. She regularly updates all of our social media and sends out a monthly newsletter to our patients and friends through constant contact. She writes it, we approve it, and boom! People get ‘touched’ by us on a regular basis. We are ‘front of mind’. We don’t even have to think about it. She knows our brand, our message, and we know it is getting done.She has also gotten us on radio shows, in the magazines and newspapers that we need to be in, and some of this at no cost to us! AND, she sends us regular reports on how she/we are doing.

For example, since we partnered with The Mauldin Group 6 months ago, Morrow Family Medicine has had:

  • 40% increase in Website Traffic
  • 60% increase in Follower Engagement on Social Media
  • 30+ Leads for New Patients Each Month

If you want to increase your business, you need to sit down with Bonnie or Bill Giller for a one on one. You made not need all of their services, but I assure you, anything you do need, she will know it and will develop of plan of action that WILL make a difference.