Many people who are looking for nursing homes or senior living facilities usually choose them based on their location. However, most people will first research online to assess a facility’s services and patient care options available. If you want more people to not just find but, consider your senior living facility, you need a website that communicates your dedicated care and services as a trustworthy option. The Mauldin Group can help you become more visible and attractive to potential residents by offering high quality social media marketing, search engine optimization and small business online marketing services that will accurately communicate the dedicated care you offer.

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The Mauldin Group offers the following online marketing tips to help get your nursing home or senior living facility noticed:

Create a website that shows you care. When people are searching for a nursing home online, they are likely to inquire about your nursing home if you have a professionally designed website with nice pictures and information about what your facility offers. People want to see the love and caring service you offer to their loved ones. You should also ensure that your website has good SEO embedded in it so you will be found more often in Google searches.
Get on social media. Since many nursing home facilities are found through referrals, placing your senior living facility on several social media platforms will increase your online visibility allowing people to easily refer you to family and friends
Post videos online. Nothing welcomes potential residents like a nice video that showcases your nursing home facility and gives viewers a virtual tour. A warm visual welcome can entice potential residents to come visit your senior living facility.

The Mauldin Group offers the following services for nursing homes and senior living facilities to help them get noticed online:

The Mauldin Group can use its online marketing services, social media and search engine optimization services to bring more potential residents to your nursing home or senior living facility.

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