People shop for home décor online. The popularity of home improvement television shows and video channels is leading consumers to start their searches for interior design businesses online. Since many interior design companies are smaller operations or may consist of just one or two individuals, it is important that you take the necessary steps to become visible online so people can find your business and see what you offer. The Mauldin Group is experienced in the online promotion of interior design companies of all sizes and can help you become more visible to potential clients by offering high quality social media marketing, search engine optimization and small business online marketing services.

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The Mauldin Group offers the following online marketing tips to help get your interior design business in front of customers:

Use search marketing. Interior design companies looking to be found online should strongly consider driving traffic to their websites using paid search engine marketing and search engine optimization efforts. Your website must be optimized with good SEO for it to be discovered on Google and other search engines.

Go Viral. Word of mouth advertising works well. This type of marketing can also be done online. Use a captivating picture or video that you can send to people and have it shared with all of their friends and family. This will cause your business to move through the Internet and get noticed.

Develop online partnerships. Link your online presence to companies that attract consumers who would likely use your services. For example, home décor vendors can refer customers to your interior design business and vice versa.

Go social. Many people use social media for entertainment purposes and to get creative ideas. These platforms work well for interior design businesses because you can showcase your work while expanding your online presence and getting new clients. Your social media profiles can also be easily shared among people who are interested in your services.

The Mauldin Group offers the following services for Interior Design Companies:

The Mauldin Group can use its online marketing services, social media and search engine optimization services to set your interior design business apart from the rest in the online arena.

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