Lead Generation

Lead Generation is pivotal to the sales process. In the online marketplace, potential customers and clients are literally inundated with distractions. Simple searches can lead to the wrong services and products frustrating potential customers and leading companies to spend precious sales force resources that lead to dead ends.

The digital world has made lead generation a complex and challenging task. With the lines of marketing blurred, this task often falls onto an overloaded sales team or an unequipped administrative assistant. Both being unable to fulfill the complicated parts needed to make lead generation in the digital word successful. It is no wonder company management ends up frustrated at quarterly and year-end sales results.

Lead Generation however does not have to be cumbersome. When done properly and efficiently in the digital marketplace it can lead to time saving and amazing results.

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Accelerate Your Business’s Lead Generation

At The Mauldin Group, we have the tools to accelerate your business’s lead generation leading to new leads and most importantly, new sales. As a Certified Google Partner, The Mauldin Group is skilled at using PPC and SEO to your company’s advantage. Our team can assure that your website if fully optimized to increase your brand’s awareness and fully SEO optimized to attract the target customers you need and want. No more throwing your marketing “against the wall to see what sticks.” We use quantifiable and strategic measures to help your website rise in rankings and capture that white whale-Google’s first-page traffic.

In addition, The Mauldin Group is a certified partner of one of the nation’s most dynamic lead generation service providers. Through our partnership, we can give detailed information that will put your far ahead of your competitors.

Imagine knowing:

Who is searching your company
How to contact them (phone number address, title)
Exactly what product or service they are looking for
What pages on your website were visited (day and time they visited)
Lead Generation

No More Wasted Time Chasing after Clients

Literally a search is performed and within 24 hours your sales team could be reaching out by sending out a sales packet and to set up an appointment armed with the detailed knowledge what the client is looking for and how your company can fulfil their unique needs.

No more wasted time chasing after clients and customers that are not a good fit for your business. No more lost man-hours researching high and low for contact information. Your sales team becomes more knowledgeable, efficient and effective leading to higher sales and better profitability


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