Social Media Is Not Just For Hanging Out

Social Media Marketing is one of the effective outlets for establishing a company’s brand recognition and increasing customer relationships. In the past, customer referrals have been built by word of mouth, but with today’s digitally driven way of life, customer referrals and relationships are built at more impactful rate. World of mouth, describes social media’s effects on customer engagement.

Customers can now share good and negative reviews via Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat at rates equally thousands within minutes. And now as video becomes even more prevalent on traditional social media platforms, marketers are catching up to the benefits of launching new products and services by reaching directly to potential customers with the share of a post. Gone are the days of expensive printing costs to send out sales collateral that might reach 20% of your target audience. Instead companies can now launch a campaign, share discounts, train customers and close sales all via social media.

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Savvy companies can use their loyal customers to promote sales via the sharing of reviews, cutting down instantly on traditional advertising costs. It can also help to generate new leads and gain new partnerships in the B2B industries. Social media marketing increases traffic to your website, improves search engine rankings, and reduces marketing expenses. But for social media marketing to work effectively a business needs the expertise of a knowledgeable and creative team who can strategically plan postings and generate creative, engaging content.

The Mauldin Group is experienced and effective at using social media marketing to build company brands and enhance customer engagements. By monitoring of detailed monthly reporting and strategic, customized marketing campaigns, The Mauldin Group provides results that effectively help companies to build a solid social media online presence.

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