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Getting Online Reviews Is Not That Hard

Getting Online Reviews From Your Customers So your business has done it again, you have delivered another great service experience to a very satisfied customer. You’ve been paid and the customer has expressed how pleased they are with your service. Time to roll on to another customer right? But wait! You are forgetting a very important step to completing the

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Online Reputation Management, Responding to a Negative Review

Your Online Reputation Management Needs To Be Negative Review Proof When it comes to website SEO and drawing visitors to your company’s services and products, online reviews are becoming crucial. With as much as 90% of consumers looking at online reviews as their guiding rod in whether to visit a company website or pass it by, more businesses are facing

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A New Year is Coming, Now Is The Time For a New Digital Marketing Plan

A New 2018 Budget Means A Great New Digital Marketing Plan  With the end of 2017 fast approaching now is the time to start look at a new digital marketing plan for 2018. But while you may know that your marketing strategies are in need of an upgrade, or even more serious a complete overhaul, going about it may be

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Service Businesses Can Benefit From Black Friday Marketing Too

Is Your Service Industry Ready For Black Friday? It’s that time. Everyone is scrambling to get the turkey thawed and the pumpkin pies baking. Family and friends are arriving as we speak. For many people the holiday does not end with the Thanksgiving dinner but instead with the launch of the Black Friday sales. For retail businesses this is the

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Lead Generation That Brings The Good Leads to You

Is Your Lead Generation Leading To Sales? When it comes to closing the sale, the Lead Generation beginning is just as crucial as signing that contract. Often the biggest headache for a sales force is not getting leads but getting the “good lead.” The internet, and particularly Google, has become the primary source for customers and clients to seek out

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How to Avoid SPAM Filters for Your Emails

Not all emails that end up in the spam folders are from rich princes asking for your banking information


A Website Evaluation Pays off in More Ways Than One

As one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Atlanta we are often asked by potential clients- what are the first steps


Branding War, Game of Thrones Tips for Take No Prisoners Marketing

Your kingdom is in place. After years of blood, sweat and tears


How To Create a Marketing Plan for 2017

The 2016 fourth-quarter financial reports are in; your business now has its sights set on new growth and a new marketing plan

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