5 LinkedIn Features For Better Networking Most People Ignore

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5 LinkedIn Features For Better Networking Most People Ignore

LinkedIn Features Make a Difference

While LinkedIn is the most useful social application for companies and business professionals, it is often one of the most overlooked. Simply putting your resume on the site is not taking advantage of all the features LinkedIn has to offer for business networking. Here are 5 LinkedIn Features most people ignore that could mean better B2B networking for their companies.

Are Your LinkedIn Features Used To Their Full Potential?

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Home Page Complete Profile. LinkedIn Profiles offer business professionals a multitude of ways to connect and, more importantly to be seen. Yet most people quickly post a very limited resume up with little to no follow up information.

  • Take advantage of areas of Education, Interests, Accomplishments, etc. This is your time to shine and often these will lead to connecting in ways you never expected.

LinkedIn Update Emails. You know these may often appear as spam but, in truth these can present some GREAT information. From seeing who has been viewing your profile, who wishes to connect and who is celebrating milestones to seeing what job searches have returned your profile, this can be some very strategic information to have when looking to network.

Blogging Interface For Posts and Articles. If you want your business to be seen as a leader in the industry, then you need to post regularly to LinkedIn. Share links and articles that encourage engagement and conversation with those in your business market. Post a weekly blog article to share your talents, skills and insights with others. It’s amazing how quickly someone can become known as an influencer by simply sharing a few tips and comments each week.

LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn Groups are fast becoming one of the best ways to network. Starting or joining a group allows you to share and engage with others who have specific interests that match yours.

Company Page. While having your personal LinkedIn profile is important on the professional level, having a company page opens up doors to B2B networking. Create a company page to cement your company’s status as a legitimate and trusted business. This is almost as important as having a company website.


LinkedIn Features Have Gone Mobile

While these 5 LinkedIn Features represent some of the most important elements that business professionals look for, LinkedIn continues to evolve. With the Linkedin App, mobile users are now finding updates and activity on LinkedIn to be much easier to engage with.

Effective networking isn’t a result of luck – it requires hard work and persistence.

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Digital Marketing is crucial to business success. While knowing how to use LinkedIn and LinkedIn Features is a start, having a SEO optimized website and lead generation marketing strategy can help your customers find you and increase sales. Ready to be taken “From the Bottom, To The Top”? Contact Us Now or Call 678-846-2306.


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