ADA Compliance Website Alert! The Mauldin Group Shares Why Your Company Is At Risk

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ADA Compliance Website Alert! The Mauldin Group Shares Why Your Company Is At Risk

No ADA Compliance for Website? Your Business May Be Looking At A Lawsuit!

The Americans with Disabilities Act, which was created for protection and equal rights for individuals with disabilities has been getting some new attention lately.  In particularly in the areas of technology and the Internet. And, for businesses this attention is raising some hefty concerns about ADA Compliance website design.

Under Title III of the ADA, it’s illegal to discriminate against disabled persons “in the full and equal enjoyment of public accommodations.” For most businesses and public entities, the regulations of this have been very clear as to physical operations. However, when faced with the Internet and websites, ADA Compliancy needs and requirements, especially for those with visual and hearing impairment, have been unclear.

ADA Compliance For Websites

In 2010, the Justice Department sought to draft formal regulations for websites to meet ADA standards, this venture however, was halted by the current Federal Administration in a move to reduce government oversight. A move many Republicans and Democrats alike, see as “opening the floodgates” for ADA compliance lawsuits against businesses.

With over 5,000 suites being field since January of 2018, the number is expected to raise to over 10,000 before year’s end. Some of the big names who have met with challenging suits have been:

  • Burger King
  • CVS
  • Dominos
  • Hershey
  • Hooters
  • Nike
  • Lord & Taylor
  • Pandora


And, unfortunately it does not look like large corporation websites who could be facing ADA lawsuits. Most recently small business and boutique hotel, Avanti Hotel, Palm Springs was sued over their website’s lack of compliance leading to an unusual result, the removal of most of their website’s pages and large Home Page message outlining the issue.

How Bad Can It Get?

For California businesses, an ADA Compliance Lawsuit comes with a minimum $4,000 in damages. For other states who do not have any minimum damages provision, lawsuits can range from a few thousand into the millions. And to make matters worse, website ADA updating which can be costly in some instances, may not fit the bill to release a company from leveraged damages.

With very little governance in place and little movement in Congress to address the issue, many businesses are finding the best solution is to update their websites for ADA compliance as soon as possible, the most logical and protective answer. Click here to READ MORE…

The Mauldin Group, Your ADA Website Compliance Consultants

If you are unsure whether your business’s website meets ADA compliance regulations and you may be at risk of a lawsuit, let The Mauldin Group help put you at ease. We can evaluate your website for ADA and bring it up to date to assure you peace of mind. Contact Us Now or Call 678-573-9895.

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