Atlanta Internet Marketing Company Tips For Finding The Best CRM

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Atlanta Internet Marketing Company Tips For Finding The Best CRM

Atlanta Internet Marketing Company Answers – HELP! I Think We Need A CRM !

You know the scenario; your company growth has skyrocketed. But, along with the profitability comes a new set of growing pains, in particular how to build and KEEP the customer relationships you have worked so hard to invest in. The Mauldin Group (TMG), your Atlanta Internet marketing company, has tips for finding a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that not only will stop the pain but, could increase your business growth even further.

Atlanta Internet Marketing Company Answers How To Gauge When It’s Time For A CRM

While most companies acknowledge that they will need a CRM system at some point if their business continues to grow, knowing exactly when the best time to implement it is a different story. Here are a few tips to consider that could flag your need for a CRM platform.


Your Excel Sheet is Becoming a Monster. Excel sheets are every business manager’s best friend but, there comes a point when it takes on a life of its own. If your tracking customers using Excel and you are finding that you are losing data because of too much data entry or miscalculations, this is a fairly good sign it is time for some customer management help in the way of a CRM.

You Have Hit The Sweet Spot in Customer Growth. Every business owner loves customer growth but with that comes more responsibility. If you are finding that you can no longer stay in touch with customers on a consistent basis it may be time to consider a new way of keeping track that ALSO helps with communications. A Customer Relationship Management system will do all of this and more.

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A “Key” Employee Leaves And All Hell Breaks Loose. All companies have that one employee who is the “Go-To” person or contact manager. The one who has all the answers, knows all the customer’s histories in their head and can tell you where your business operations stand at any given moment. Then they are gone. Instantly panic sets in, your team is combing through files just trying to find a phone number. With today’s shifting employment environment, you can’t always count on the “Go-To” person to be there with the information your company needs.

The Sales Team Is Considering Mutiny. Nothing can cause burn-out quicker for a sales team than making them do data entry and chasing down unqualified leads. Your sales team needs efficient solutions for gaining and contacting qualified leads. They need to know when a customer’s name comes to them, that customer has met the Call To Action and is ready for the sales pitch!

Atlanta Internet Marketing Company, When Is The Best Time To Get A CRM?

While most companies do wait until a crucial or crisis point shows itself in their daily operations, sometimes choosing a CRM system early on can pay off in more ways than one. The key is knowing when is the best time to purchase a CRM for your particular business.

Choosing A CRM Early Points to Consider…

  • You can create a process for entering and maintaining customer data that meets your exact company needs at that time.
  • You can work inline to assure your CRM tools and sales funnel converge at critical points.
  • Training a team early on means less disruption to ongoing business.
  • Acting early on to adopt a CRM means little growing pains and avoiding a critical point that could cause customer loss.
  • CRMs can be a large expense for a new business to take on.

Choosing A CRM Later Points to Consider…

  • Waiting to adopt CRM software can be more cost-effective. It usually takes new businesses two-three years before they are profitable.
  • You can establish your buyer persona and sales funnel so that your CRM can be built to meet the precise needs of your company’s customer relationships.
  • Training a team on a new CRM system while conducting business can be disruptive.
  • Holding off on purchasing a CRM until “needed” can put your business in an emergency response scenario that is not planned for. This could lead to some potential customer loss before you can rectify it.

Okay Atlanta Internet Marketing Company, So I DO Need A CRM, Now What?

Great, so you agree your business needs a CRM! But, where do you go from here? Choosing a Customer Relationship Management tool can be as frustrating as the lack of having one. This is a big investment for any size of business. You also want to make sure you choose the right fit for your company’s needs; a poor CRM can be as big a hinderance for your business as the lack of one altogether.

What To Look For In A Good CRM

When it comes to finding a CRM that can meet your needs, you want to look for certain features that make it stand out. Here are just a few to think about.

 Ease of Use. A CRM that is cumbersome will be met with backlash from your team. For your CRM to perform optimally it needs to be easy for every team member to access and navigate.

Customizable Solutions. A CRM solution needs to fit your business process, not the other way around. It should offer customizable options and feature choices that make it adaptable to your company’s specific needs.

Work With Your Budget. CRMs can be expensive. The best CRM providers however have options for their software. Many will offer monthly and yearly payment options as well as choices for licenses. In addition, make sure that your CRM provider allows for future company growth by allowing you to purchase more licenses or “seats” should you need them in the future. *The same option is important for downgrades, should your company experience a drop in numbers. Last, make sure there are no hidden costs…what you are responsible for should be spelled out clearly upfront.

Offer Great Features. All good CRMS have good features. Some of the must-haves are:

  • Automation Capabilities
  • Sales Funnel Integration
  • All in One Place Accessibility
  • Mobile Responsiveness (workable across several platforms including: desktop, tablet, smartphone and laptop)

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Provide Full Support. Nothing can be more frustrating than to have an issue with your CRM at 9:00am on the East Coast and not have the capability to reach anyone until 9:00am West Coast time. Your CRM provider should offer global support that meets standard business times in most time zones. Many of the best CRM providers offer limited to full 24×5 support via chat and email.

Atlanta Internet Marketing Company-FAQ What is a CRM? A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management system. It is used to manage customer data and for tracking of accounts. The best ones help to automate sales functions, social media, email communications and even offer integration of accounting and HR services.

How should I begin my CRM search? Often the best way to start your CRM software search is by simply searching “best CRMs” in Google. From there take a look at those in the top ranks. Read the reviews and testimonials. Be sure to pay close attention to: ease of use; system integration and of course, pricing.

How many types of CRMs are there? Presently most global CRM providers offer one or more of three types of CRMs. The three types of CRM system include: desktop systems, client/server systems and cloud-based systems.

The Mauldin Group, Your Atlanta Internet Marketing Company and CRM Implementation Specialists

At The Mauldin Group, your Atlanta Internet Marketing Company, we understand that choosing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a big deal! As an Authorized Partner of ZOHO, a global leader in CRMs, we help companies of all sizes to implement the ZOHO CRM with dynamic and amazing results. Ready to learn more on how a ZOHO CRM and The Mauldin Group can take your digital marketing to the top? Contact Us Now or Call:678-846-2306.


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