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Is Your Bad Review Response Costing You Customers?

At TMG, once and a while we field requests from clients who have experienced a negative review and are unsure how to respond. In many cases before we have a chance to answer, the client has already posted a response and not necessarily in the most positive way. While we all understand the need to respond to a negative review in a timely fashion, you could do more harm than good by posting a “Bad” response than from the “Bad” review. Here are four ways your bad review response may be costing you potential customers.

Taking a Bad Review Personally. We see this all the time. Your company is given a negative review. While you personally were not named, your company, your baby, something you have worked so hard to build, you feel is under direct attack. Whether justified or not, you are angry and ready to defend your business at all costs. STOP! Take a deep breath. Yes it is important to respond but, not right this moment and not in anger.

Bad-Review-Response-featureTake a few steps before responding.

      • Do your research. Talk to any staff members involved and make notes.
      • If you have the capability, review calls to assess if there are any customer service issues or staff training needs .
      • Look over any paperwork involved contracts, invoices, project notes.
      • Sit down and carefully craft your response on paper.
      • Remember to KISS (Keep It Short & Sweet). Don’t get too detailed.
      • Allow a team member to read your response for feedback before posting.

It is important to remember the negative review is not about you personally.

Airing Your Dirty Laundry In Public. Okay, so you have done the homework and feel you have a legitimate response that shows your company did nothing wrong. Yes, it does happen. However, this is not the time to “shame” the reviewer. In fact, a long drawn out explanation will actually make you look defensive and possibly even guilty. Not to mention, if there are any legalities involved such as from a lawsuit, you are possibly placing your company in danger. This is the time to KISS…Keep It Short & Sweet.

Don’t be fake, everyone will catch on to that right upfront but, show a genuine concern for the experience the customer had. Your response should go something like this…


“Mr. Smith, we thank you for your feedback. We are so sorry you had a negative experience with us. Customer service is of the utmost importance to [company name]. We would like to ask that you please contact our offices so that we may discuss your experience further.”

Not Responding Promptly. Just as responding too quickly is not a great idea, neither is allowing a response to go unaddressed for a long term. If you need time to investigate the situation, then do a post that says you are looking into the issue and will be back shortly with a response. In any case, it is best to respond in some format within 1-2 hours to reflect that your company is on top of things and within 24 hours max after investigating, if you really feel more info is warranted.

Forgetting That Your Response Is For More Than The Reviewer. When you respond to a bad review for your company you are not just responding to the reviewer. You are responding to thousands of potential new customers.


86 – 90% of people consult Online Reviews before choosing to do business with a company.

89% of Consumers will read a company’s response to a review.


Everyone Experiences A Negative Review But, A Bad Review Response Can Cost You Your Online Reputation


It is important to realize that all businesses will experience a bad – negative review once and a while. In fact, some online visitors feel companies with only 5-star reviews are suspicious, that the reviews may be padded. As a business however, the most important thing to remember is to respond to a negative review in the right way. Show genuine concern for the customer’s experience. Use the review as a learning tool, it could indicate an area of your business where more staff training is needed. Last, remember you are not just addressing one customer, you are addressing thousands of potential customers.

If you are experiencing issues trying to manage your online reputation, maybe it’s time to take yours to the top. The Mauldin Group has an expert team that can help your capture more positive reviews while addressing any negative reviews effectively. Ready to hear more? Contact Us Now or Call Us at: 678-573-5026.

Let Us Take Your Online Reputation From The Bottom To The Top!



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