Service Businesses Can Benefit From Black Friday Marketing Too

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Service Businesses Can Benefit From Black Friday Marketing Too

Is Your Service Industry Ready For Black Friday?

It’s that time. Everyone is scrambling to get the turkey thawed and the pumpkin pies baking. Family and friends are arriving as we speak. For many people the holiday does not end with the Thanksgiving dinner but instead with the launch of the Black Friday sales. For retail businesses this is the beginning of the Christmas shopping season and can literally make or break their year’s profitability. But for many service businesses, capitalizing on Black Friday, can also mean an opportunity for making their fourth quarter better, even if it is considered an off-season. Check out some industries and tips that can benefit from a little extra online marketing at this season.

Let the Black Friday Marketing BeginBlack Friday_auto repair services

Automobile Dealerships – Year-end closeouts are always a big draw for car dealerships but, the service and parts department can also benefit with a little attention from customers. Make sure your service department sends out a year-end “Thank you” eBlast to all their customers. Adding a coupon for services will make customers feel like they are getting something as well as entice them to coming back soon. Use Email Marketing to remind customers with winter weather ahead, it may be time to have things checked out on their cars.

Construction Companies (Home Repair Services, Plumbers, Roofers, Electricians, etc.) – While there may be a shorter time frame working around holidays, Black Friday deals should also include services. After all what homeowner has not scrambled to finish out a basement, install new flooring or upgrade a kitchen ahead of arriving houseguests? You can capitalize on this time of year by expanding your work hours to fit into off-hour schedules. Use PPC (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, ect.) to your advantage to drive potential customers to your website. Make sure to enhance your OTR (Online Reputation Management) by enticing reviews.

Black Friday_salonSalons – Everyone wants to look their best but how do potential clients know you are the best? Make sure you are getting the most value from your OTR. Think about some enhancements to your website such as an image gallery with before and after images. Think outside the box to attract new clients by offering workshops on makeup, image style and hair care. Explore using Facebook Live and YouTube to provide demonstrations for health and beauty tips. Use Social Media Marketing to offer a Black Friday deal for those clients who have the day off but do not wish to join the shopping crowds.

Landscape Companies – Landscape Services traditionally are entering the downtime of year. It’s cold, lawns and greenery don’t grow as much. But, this should not mean lean times for your company. Take this time to evaluate and upgrade your online presence, if you don’t have a website, get one. If you do have a website, now is the time to assure your SEO is operating at its best. Again think outside of the box from traditional summertime services. Offering services such as Christmas lighting installation for the outdoors and brush-yard cleanup, can keep your team busy while giving you the opportunity to build your summer client list.

Black Friday_customer services

Security Companies – We all know the holiday season is a time for heightened security around our homes and cars. Making sure we don’t leave packages in plain view in the car, locking doors always and using lights on timers are all givens. But, for many homeowners this may not be enough. What if a frozen pipe breaks flooding the home while you are away? What if a delivered package is stolen and you need to place an insurance claim with a proof image? It’s fireplace season, what if there is a fire? All of these are often home security services you provide but may not come to mind for homeowners. So bring it to their attention through how-to videos that highlight your services. Use a newsletter or Content Marketing (blogs) that provides topics of interest and advertise offers for your services.

Online Reputation Management is crucial, 68% of potential customers check online for positive reviews before choosing to reach out.

Lastly, don’t forget commercial customers, this the time of year is when they are planning their 2018 budget. Make sure you let them know everything you can offer in the way of company security services by making sure your Lead Generation is ahead of the game.

The Mauldin Group Can Make Your Online Marketing Pay Off

While Black Friday can mean the start of the retail shopping season, it does not mean it cannot be profitable for your service business. By using your online presence to its fullest, you can make the year-end season the best quarter of the year. Need help? The Mauldin Group’s expert team can provide you with service packages that meet your business’s individual needs and will take your company from the bottom to the top any time of the year. To find out more visit us now or contact us at: Local: 678-846-2306 .

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