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Is Your Brand Protected? Highlights from TMG’s Marketing Trends 2019

Your Brand is Priceless!

You have done it. You have built a company that is getting noticed and growing. Your brand is known but, is it protected? On Wednesday, February 6 2019, The Mauldin Group hosted a one of a kind Marketing Trends Executive Luncheon to address all the new marketing trends for 2019. Of the several Influencers and Leading Marketing Specialists speaking at the event was Grant Brim, prominent Roswell Attorney (Brim Law, LLC) and Speaker on Brand Protection and Trademark Law. Read more

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A Bad Review Response, Four Ways You Could Lose Potential Customers

Is Your Bad Review Response Costing You Customers?

At TMG, once and a while we field requests from clients who have experienced a negative review and are unsure how to respond. In many cases before we have a chance to answer, the client has already posted a response and not necessarily in the most positive way. While we all understand the need to respond to a negative review in a timely fashion, you could do more harm than good by posting a “Bad” response than from the “Bad” review. Here are four ways your bad review response may be costing you potential customers. Read more

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A “Look Back Thursday” Shares Our Experience As KSU’ Digital Media Competition Judges

A “Look Back Thursday” Reflects on The Mauldin Group’s Paying It Forward

At The Mauldin Group we love looking back at not only the goals we have met for our clients but, our opportunities to share with the community. For this month’s “Look Back Thursday” article we wished to highlight a special event two of our team members were able to share in last year. Specifically DMA, Zachary Mathis and Content Marketing Manager, Jinna Marbry. For those who know the TMG team, know that most of us share one common aspect, we are all Kennesaw State University alumni. As such, when asked by Influencer, Author and Noted Marketing Professor, Tyra Burton to participate in the first-ever KSU Digital Media Competition, we could not say no. Read more

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6 Common Social Media Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Company Marketing

Are Your Social Media Mistakes Hurting Your Marketing?

Often when clients come to The Mauldin Group, the first thing they will ask is, “How can we improve our social media presence.” To which we often respond, “Are you sure your social media presence is your biggest need?” While we agree that social media marketing should play an important role in a company’s overall marketing strategy, there are often common, overlooked social media mistakes that businesses make that cause their social media to be ineffective and a detriment to their marketing campaign. Read more