Branding War, Game of Thrones Tips for Take No Prisoners Marketing

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Branding War, Game of Thrones Tips for Take No Prisoners Marketing

A Branding War Has Arrived, Are you Prepared?

Your kingdom is in place. After years of blood, sweat and tears battling the forces of a lagging economy and brutal operations costs, you have built a business that is strong and successful. Unfortunately, your enemies abound. You are now facing a branding war. It is time for a take no prisoners marketing defense of your brand. What better place to get guidance for your marketing battle than, the Game of Thrones.

Plan Your Battle Strategy Ahead

branding war_winterfellBuild Your Brand Fortress Winterfell Strong – Half of your brand’s battle begins before the war. Your brand’s strength lies in its foundation. A branding guide will outline your company’s marketing procedures and fortify your brand recognition throughout the lifetime of your business. A brand bible (branding guide) details everything from your company’s advertising design to personal communications. This will assure that your brand recognition stays consistent and strong, as well as protects your business in the event that there are changeovers in leadership.

Choose Your Coat of Arms (Logo) Wisely – As any Stark fan will tell you, your coat of arms or logo is crucial to your brand’s recognition. It not only will identify your brand to potential customers but, wrong or right, will be your company’s first impression to the world. While expenses when building your business can be overwhelming, skimping on your logo can cost you in the end. Many businesses have sealed their own fate by attempting to create their logo themselves. This is one time it is best to trust a graphic designer who will provide great design insights (color, font, shape, etc.) and can advise you on the style your logo needs to communicate your message effectively.

The Enemy Approaches 

It is inevitable that as your company gains success, competitors will take note and possibly try to copy or even attack your brand.

branding war_cersei-lannister

Trial by Combat is Allowed – When it comes to competitors who openly imitate your brand it can be frustrating. You have spent years building your company’s reputation and this is one time that “imitation is NOT the sincerest form of flattery.”  In fact, it can be costly if a competitor’s branding is similar but, their product is low quality; this can lead to consumer confusion. But unfortunately taking Cersei’s approach of blowing up the Sept of Baelor with her enemies inside is probably not the best recourse. Instead however, you are allowed a trial by combat. Protect your brand, use your powerful marketing arsenal. This is the time to pull out your best marketing tools.

Your arsenal should include:branding war_shield

Adopt the Tyrion Lannister Approach to Networking – When it comes to strength in networking no one can beat Tyrion Lannister.  What he lacks in height, he more than makes up for in making alliances (networking abilities). Strong customer relationships are important but when it comes to gaining alliances, you need a good business network. The B2B network is crucial when establishing your reign in the market. If you are not already a member, join the local chamber of commerce or find a networking group. Often these alliances can provide the best leads to new business.


Take a Tip from Daenerys Targaryen for Building Customer Relationships – Competitors will always be a part of business but, having powerful customer relationships can put you ahead in the game. Good customer relationship building and continuous engagement will help to assure your market stays strong and intact.

Part of this is done by:

  • Assuring you have a positive first-impression customer service presence.
  • Having a great social media plan for follow-up engagement with your clients.
  • Providing consistent communication sources such as a company blog and monthly newsletter.
  • Furnishing easy and clear contact information via your website.
  • Delivering high-quality service with assurances for customer satisfaction. *An immediate and caring response is crucial for any negative reviews.

The Mauldin Group Alliance

branding war_jon-snowYour brand is your honor. It represents your business to the world and can build your kingdom or can fall victim to attack. But planning ahead of time for a branding war, can mean a solid take no prisoners marketing defense for your products and services. Your ultimate strength is in your marketing. But to have a strong marketing presence, you need the strongest alliance. You need The Mauldin Group.

At TMG, we take pride in our abilities to evaluate your marketing needs, provide affordable options for defeating your competitors and deliver creatively ingenious digital marketing solutions. If you would like to find out more about an alliance with us, Contact Us or call us at: 678-846-2306.


“When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.” 

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