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Helping Build Trust With Custom Corporate Branding

When it comes to Corporate Branding, communication is everything, YOUR mission, YOUR messaging, YOUR story are what build trust with your customers. But for a corporate brand to stand out, it must be recognizable and unique. It must be custom. The Mauldin Group is experienced in helping businesses to define their corporate brand and bring it to life through customized marketing strategy and communications.

Creating a distinguishable corporate brand is more than just designing a great logo. It requires research, a knowledge of both verbal and visual communications but most importantly, it requires a custom marketing plan. Each step in creating YOUR brand, must be performed at the most optimal time and with the most creative marketing tools. Knowing the best times and platforms for publishing can mean the difference between dollars well spent and a wasted budget.

Your Corporate Brand Depends Is More Than A Logo

Branding is more than just the graphic design of a logo; although YOUR logo is definitely an important element to YOUR marketing campaign. But for YOUR business to become recognizable to potential customers or clients, and to stay in the minds of existing customers, you must build trust through a good, solid reputation. And a key role in that requires a fully developed marketing strategy with excellent communications.

  • A Customized Marketing Strategy That Will Work For You. While everyone will agree you need a marketing strategy that works, but you need one that is customized to work uniquely for YOUR business.
  • Content That Tells YOUR Story. Your customers or clients want to know you. What you stand for. What makes you trustworthy and unique. You need a story that communicates your experience, background and mission in a clear, interesting way.
  • A Fully Constructed Sales Funnel. This will guide everything from your customer service to marketing to sales.
  • Great Online Reputation Management. If you don’t have good reviews, when potential customers find you, they will leave.
  • Public Relations That Make You A Rock Star. For YOU and YOUR company to rise to the top, you have to be seen. You need great PR that makes everyone take notice and establishes you as an Industry Influencer.

YOUR Brand is Everything And Here Is Why - FAQs

What is a Corporate Brand?

Your corporate brand is how you are perceived by your audience (existing customers, potential customers, your industry, your vendors, everyone).

It is supported by:
Company Story
Market Share
Brand Messaging or Voice
Brand Personality
Brand Values (Company mission)

Is a Logo The First Step?

When it comes to creating a corporate brand, there are several steps that should be approached before designing and adopting a company logo. In fact, the is often one of the most common mistakes a business can make. Someone has a “visual” idea of their logo but does not have the company name, story or messaging in place first.

Do I Need A Re-brand?

Good question. While most companies will approach a re-brand every 7-10 years, others are a bit more aggressive in their branding strategies.

Some good questions to ask are:

  • Why do we feel we need a re-brand?
  • Are we ready to reach out to a new demographic?
  • Is there a PR push or motivation?
  • What is a current market status?
  • Has our original mission changed?

We Build Your Corporate Brand From The Ground Up

The Mauldin Group is equipped with a full-service team of creative, marketing experts. Whether you are starting your business corporate brand for your new company OR, re-building your present corporate brand, which is underperforming, we have a customized brand solution.
Our team of experienced writers can create messaging for your story, mission statement, and website that captures attention, builds trust and accurately communicates your products, services and company’s brand. We offer superior ORM (Online Reputation Management) to increase positive reviews while efficiently addressing negative reviews before that can cause long term damage. Our Public Relations service can help you to create the communications you need to publicize your company to make your brand recognizable. But, most importantly, we can help you reach your greatest heights of profitability through authentic, qualified lead generation.

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