Brand Identity Design Services

Brand Identity Design Services

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Can Your Customer Identify You Easily?

A Good Brand Needs A Good
Brand Strategy

Our team of experienced, talented, and caring staff work in concert with CMO’s, company owners and executive boards to plan, implement and manage ongoing marketing campaigns.

We can build, host and maintain your website, post to social media daily with fresh original content, respond to your online reviews, write press releases, blogs and newsletters; plus run paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to generate qualified leads.

YOUR Corporate Identity Should Be Anything But
Cookie Cutter And Here is Why - FAQs

What is a Corporate Identity?

Your corporate identity, often mistakenly referred to as corporate brand, is a company’s visual design elements including logos, print, and electronic media. It solidifies and cohesively identifies the corporate brand image. It helps to make the brand instantly recognizable and memorable to consumers.

It is supported by:

  • Graphic Designed Elements (Logo, print collateral, etc.)
  • Electronic Media (SEO optimized website, videos, social media banners, etc.)

What Artistic (or Graphic Design) Elements Makeup a Corporate identity?

  • Color Palette
  • Imagery
  • Typeface
  • Layout

If I Get A New Corporate Identity Do, I Have To Change All My Signage, Stationery AND Vehicle Wraps?

Not necessarily. While if you are looking to change YOUR logo, that may be a future desire, The Mauldin Group knows the expense involved in a total “re-brand”. We can help YOUR business to approach a new corporate identity in a strategic way built on planned phases of adoption. Often, a “new” corporate identity can simply mean a new digital marketing solution that does not require changing YOUR logo, just how and where it is used.

Corporate Identity Starts
With A Logo

Many business owners see their logo simply as a colorful reflection of themselves. But in truth it is so much more. This is a visual communication about YOUR mission, YOUR company and its services or products. Often the first critical mistake YOU can make is to rush into a logo design with no consultation.

  • Memorable. YOUR customers and clients should recognize it AND remember it!
  • Simple. Most of the greatest logos of history were simple and visually impactful. Think Coca Cola, Nike, Target, etc.
  • Relevant. YOUR logo should be cohesive with your company name, brand and offerings. A dog may represent a grooming business well but may be confusing for a technology firm.
  • Versatile. Your logo should be strong and clear but have a flexibility that allows it to be used in different ways (Ex. Print, uniforms, vehicle wraps, website, etc.)
  • Timeless. Your logo should be timeless and never antiquated. YOU should get some mileage out of it.
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The Mauldin Group Has A Full-Service
Team To Build Your Corporate Identity

At The Mauldin Group, we are equipped with a full-service team of creative, design and marketing experts. Whether your need is creating a brand new, corporate identity from scratch for your new company OR, re-designing your present corporate identity as part of a company re-brand, we have a solution. Our team of design experts can graphically design solutions that capture attention while accurately communicating your products, services and company mission. But, most importantly, we can help you reach your greatest heights of profitability through authentic, brand recognition and qualified lead generation.

The Mauldin Group, an award-winning marketing agency and Certified Google Partner, is ready to help you find and build your corporate identity. Ready to go “from the bottom to the top”? For more information Contact Us Now or Call 678-573-9895