Why Is Now The Perfect Time for Business Development Training?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been rapidly spreading for the past few months. The economic threats that it poses are overwhelming, especially to small business owners across the country. Slow foot traffic and decline in sales, it seems impossible to solve these issues during this time of uncertainty. However, there’s one thing that small businesses can be in control of – Business Development Training.

What is Business Development Training?

Business development training is essential to a business’s growth. It can be delivered in the form of courses, meetings, and sessions. This type of training helps strengthen employees’ skills and knowledge, which enhances your small business’s success. Business development training may vary based on businesses’ needs, but it mostly focuses on these four areas:

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Role-specific skills


Why Business Development Training Now?

Not only does this pandemic negatively affect small business owners but it also causes panic and insecurity among their employees. According to the Department of Labor, during the week of March 14th, claims for jobless benefits surged 33 percent. Much as the situation is upsetting, as a business owner, you need to be the calm in the storm and realize that now is the perfect time for business development training. Here are the reasons why.


Maintain Business Performance

In the midst of this chaos, in one way or another, you still have to keep your business going. Shifting products-selling to online, using social media to maintain a business presence, there are going to be changes to your business to stay afloat through the crisis. Such changes would require time to adapt to, and the more resources that you can have to quicken the process, the better. This is where business development training becomes particularly helpful as it helps your employees develop the needed skills. This type of knowledge is the power to keep your business’ lights on.


Increase job satisfaction

By the end of the day, a business’ success relies heavily on its people. Therefore, it is important that they feel secure about their jobs, especially during this uncertain time. Besides helping your employees hone the skills that they can improve on, business development training shows that you care as a leader. Consequently, job satisfaction among your employees is increased, which fosters performance and loyalty. Once the storm passes, you and your employees will be readily capable to tackle the forthcoming challenges.


Capitalize on The Rise of Digital Learning

With advancements in technology, we are living and breathing digitally every day. While practicing social distancing, it’s wonderful that a lot of work can get done from home, all digitally. Capitalizing on the integration of digital transformation into your business isn’t limited to having conference calls or delegating tasks via emails. You can also provide your employees with online business development training. With them working from home, it makes sense to have online training courses available for access from anywhere, at any time, for an unlimited number of times. This allows your employees to learn at their own pace while initiating self-directed learning, which will benefit your business in the long term.


Business Development Training at The Mauldin Group

The coronavirus outbreak can be intimidating, but we know that your entrepreneurial spirit is much stronger than that. As a small business, we, at The Mauldin Group, understand the challenges that you’re facing, and we have the answer to your business training needs during this pandemic – The Sales & Marketing Academy (TSAMA). 


TSAMA was created to bridge the gap between the digital landscape of sales and marketing with many new business professionals. It offers courses that directly address these gaps and provide students with invaluable knowledge gained by true, successful entrepreneurs, influencers, and leaders of businesses. It is this type of knowledge that will strengthen your business during this time of crisis.

For more information about TSAMA, Contact Us Now or give us a call at (678) 846-2306.