Business Listings

Business Listings

No Online Business Listing, Then You Might As Well Be In The Lost and Found

To Generate Leads, They Have To Find You Online First

Everyone knows when it comes to Internet searches, Google is King. And Google gives businesses the keys to the kingdom with its Google My Business, an online tool for managing YOUR company’s online presence. Yet for many businesses, Google is still a mystery. You know you need it but have no clue how to manage it. That is why having a customized online business listing management program is becoming an essential part of everyone’s marketing strategy.

So, What The Heck Is Google My Business Anyway?

Essentially, it’s free digital real estate that drives traffic to YOUR business’s website or physical location. The problem is, if your online business listing isn’t properly managed and customized to YOUR exact company needs, you could be losing out on a lot of potential business. Don’t worry! The Mauldin Group is a friendly and resourceful team that will help you spruce up your online presence in no time. For you, that could mean more calls, more clicks, more booked appointments, and more sales.

Online Business Listing Management With The Mauldin Group Can…

  • Help Your Business Rank On Google
  • Increase Phone Calls And Store Visits
  • Boost Website Clicks
  • Improve Your Brand’s Reputation
  • Accurately Display Contact Information

Let’s Break Down What Online Business Listing Management Is

When you’ve searched for a service, product, or company on Google , you most likely have seen an online business listing, otherwise known as Google My Business. This is a convenient widget on Google that allows customers to easily call your company, visit your website, see your hours of operation, find your business on a map, and more. The problem is, not every business has its online business listing properly set up. A mismanaged or missing online business listing frustrates users, make your brand invisible and even worse, can make your business appear illegitimate! The end result, sending customers to the next option that they CAN FIND online.

Some may assume that someone who’s searching for a product or service on Google is looking specifically for online-based vendors. While yes, Google does show eCommerce results, local businesses also can successfully rank on Google’s first page, especially if that business has an online listing.

As a business owner, you know how valuable a positive five-star review is for your company. Not only does that positive experience increase the chance that you’ll get repeat business from that individual, but these endorsements can also draw in new business. Now, what does this have to do with online business listings?

Well, business listings make online reviews more accessible. When a customer is shopping around for different businesses that do what you do, having your online business listing up to date and in working order will help your company attract more leads.

We Have Your Answers – FAQs

Does My Company Need A Google My Business Listing?

Yes! This not only helps you rank in search, but a Google My Business listing also helps customers easily contact or visit your business. Even if you already have a website, a Google My Business listing is a must for small and mid-sized businesses; in fact, this will help drive more traffic to your website.

How Much Help Will You Need From Me?

Our team can properly handle your project from start to finish. That said, we will need to verify information with you and will need some coordination on your end to complete the process. Don’t worry—we’ll make it easy! Ultimately, we want to make sure this is done to your standards and properly aligns with your business.

What If I Don’t Have A Physical Storefront?

Many small businesses don’t have a physical address. In this instance, that’s not a problem. With our help, you will be able to have a Google My Business listing up in no time despite not having a physical location.

Do I Need A Website To Use Google My Business?

Technically, no, but let us explain why having a website is the best option. While you may not need a website to have a Google My Business listing, complementing your listing with a website will make it much more effective. A website will help potential customers learn more information that can’t be included in the brief Google My Business listing.

Custom Online Business Listing Management

Not every company’s online business listing management needs are the same. It does not stop solely at getting you listed on Google. Online Business Listing Management requires careful oversight. Your online business listing is valuable and not just you. Think of it as your business identity. As you grow in reputation and profitability, less than honorable competitors can manipulate your online information to their advantage. How you ask?…


  • Creating Landing Pages with a variation of YOUR business name that misdirect consumers to THEIR website!
  • Posting incorrect contact information for your business on other search engines.
  • Sabotaging your business listing with fake negative reviews.
  • High jacking your listing space on social networking sites like Yelp

No, YOU are not being paranoid, the competition is out to get you! For online business listing management to be effective it requires an agency with an intimate knowledge of Google and the business listing process. The Mauldin Group offers prompt, correct, and affordable services that help your business perform outstandingly online.

As a Certified Google Partner, we understand the complexities that make up online business listing management. As part of our customized process we are actively reviewing, updating and monitoring the information pertaining to YOUR business’s location, website, reviews, social media and other related data online. Think of us as YOUR knight in armor in the land of Google.