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Audio Video Excellence (AVX) is a home theater and systems integration company dedicated to of course…excellence! As a family owned business and the leader in state-of-the-art home theater options, security systems and smart home technology, for 8 years we have been providing cutting edge solutions for both residential and commercial audiovisual.

When we were initially contacted by AVX, the problem presented was they while they were known as an industry leader and offered the premier, most trusted services of the area, they were not receiving the qualified leads you would expect.

Several challenges were working against the company in their digital marketing initiatives.


After researching the industry, market and company background, the TMG team met with AVX to access the goals for their digital marketing. It was decided to take action in the way of a whole-rounded approach. The Mauldin Group first, gave AVX a newer, more user-friendly website that offered much better functionality. We also added a blog to help with SEO and promote AVX as an influencer in the industry. The TMG team also enhanced AVX’s social media presence and newsletter capabilities. Finally, a PPC program was developed to coordinate the marketing initiative and better promote commercial services.

  • Result – Built aNew user-friendly WordPress website offering dynamic functionality and sleek, attention-getting visual appeal.
  • Result – SEO-optimized the website for highly competitive keywords. Catapulting AVX to the #1 Position on a Google Search for:
    • commercial av services in atlanta ga
    • commercial security system installation atlanta ga
    • home golf simulator atlanta