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Hypnotherapy of North Georgia

Raymond Berger is a certified clinical and medical hypnotherapist. While one of the most qualified professionals with expertise on hypnosis in the industry, Raymond was facing a bit of challenge in the area of marketing. First, he was new to the local area and two, hypnosis in general is not a widely known area of practice.

Initially The Mauldin Group was contacted asked to look at development of a website. A secondary, goal being gaining leads for Hypnotherapy of North Georgia as a new business.


The first course of action was to set Hypnotherapy of North Georgia with their Google Business Listing so that clients could find Raymond Berger as well as post reviews. The second course of actions was to develop a new SEO optimized WordPress website that presented the information of Raymond’s hypnosis therapy services in an easy-to-follow, informative manner. This was a challenge, as there were very few hypnotherapy websites that presented this information in a logical, user-friendly and SEO optimized way.

As a Google Partner, we also researched keywords pertaining to hypnotherapy and hypnosis. In addition, a blog was added to highlight and inform both students and employers who wish their employees to take part of EFI’s courses. This also helped with SEO.

The results for Hypnotherapy of North Georgia were astounding!

  • Results – Increased ALL websitetraffic by 767.44% in 1 month.
  • Results – New users increased by 658.97% in 1 month!
  • Results – Page views were up to 773.96%in 1 month.
  • Results – Page sessions are ranking at .75%