The Mauldin Group Assists in Equipping and Empowering Women-Owned Businesses

The Mauldin Group Sponsors Ladylike Leadership Symposium for Women-Owned Businesses The Mauldin Group is honored to be a sponsor in the upcoming Ladylike Leadership Symposium, which is a pertinent opportunity hosted by Business Enchanted for women-owned businesses to equip themselves with the applicable tools needed to galvanize their companies. The one-of-a-kind event is slated to be hosted in Roswell at the

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Is My Business Affected By GDPR?

It’s Not Time To Panic But GDPR Should Be Taken Seriously Well much like the Year 2000’s Dooms Day prediction, May 25, the GDPR’s deadline has come and gone. While its effects are being seen across the Internet via updated permission policies and news outlet stories, many businesses are wrestling with exactly what the GDPR is and what steps their

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How To Brand Your Company

Definition of Branding
Assign a brand name to.
“branded goods at low prices”
the promotion of a particular product


How To Create a Marketing Plan for 2017

The 2016 fourth-quarter financial reports are in; your business now has its sights set on new growth and a new marketing plan


Newsletter Design: Why and How It Matters

The Art of Email Newsletter Design Have you ever considered the work put into an email newsletter design? Take a look at this picture: Compared to the elegant brushstrokes of other artists’ techniques, this piece might appear very plain, easy. You may have stood in front of Piets Mondrian’s Red, Blue, and Yellow for the first time and thought: why

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The Power of Social Media Marketing Strategy

The power of social media marketing strategy…

Social media has become the lens in which we view and interpret information. News, social awareness


Making A Social Media Video Impact

Social Media Video is the next evolution of digital marketing – and it’s already happening. While engaging content is important to Google rankings in terms of social media and in particular mobile use, video content is imperative to attract and keep audience attention. New Social Media Video apps are becoming extremely popular, such as Ripl, an app designed specifically to assist small

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How to Make Native Ads Platform Work for You

Search Engine Optimization Techniques Can Strengthen Your Brand. Every business should invest in good Search Engine Optimization (SEO). While your business may survive


Pay Per Click Ads Tips Made Easy

Do you know the best way to utilize Pay Per Click Ads? GA. That’s an acronym for a state, right? Yes—but it also stands for Google Analytics, a service that


Market Your Business Like A Celebrity

Don’t be like everyone else. If you really want to take your business to the next level of success, you need to think, act and market your business like a celebrity!

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