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Using the “MAGIC” Formula For Associate Engagement

The Business Community Network hosted its monthly Roundtable Luncheon on July, 11, 2019. Ed Walls, General Manager of Chateau Elan Winery & Resort spoke on the topic: “Associate Engagement: Why Leadership Matters” where he shared the “MAGIC” formula for Associate Engagement.


When it comes to Associate Engagement, MAGIC is more than wishful thinking, it requires being proactive, strategic and communicative.

MAGIC is an acronym for:

(M)eaning: Fostering a sense of purpose because people are motivated by motives and objectives, share your company’s vision
(A)utonomy: Empowering employees by giving them the ability to solve customer problems
(G)rowth: Providing the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, and giving them something to look forward to
(I)mpact: Giving associates a sense of accomplishment, by showing how their work impacts the company / clients
(C)onnected: Staying emotionally connected  to the organization and each other, by throwing parties, family outings and networking

About Business Community Network aka BCN:

The Business Community Network (BCN) is an organization specifically designed for small to medium sized local businesses. The BCN recognizes that most business owners face challenges in running and growing their companies. By bringing together like-minded entrepreneurs who wish to take advantage of the many benefits offered by an organized business community, the BCN offers a unique opportunity.

Learn more at: (The Mauldin Group is a proud member).

About Chateau Elan Winery & Resort:

Château Élan is a luxury winery & resort in Georgia offering guests relaxing retreats complete with spa treatments, the East Coast’s most awarded wines & more!

Learn more at:

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