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How to Grow Your Chiropractic Practice with Multiple Streams of Income

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A Few Ideas For Your Chiropractic Marketing Strategy

If there is one thing that has become apparent during the Covid-19 crisis, it is that no matter what side of the debate you stand on, operating a healthcare business has changed. This is no less different for those in the field of Chiropractic. At The Mauldin Group we pride ourselves on helping clients to “find” and market new income strategies. For chiropractors, we would like to share a few healthcare marketing tips to consider for your chiropractic marketing strategy.

Out-Of-The-Box Income Streams For Chiropractors

While very much a “hands on” field of healthcare, even chiropractors have had to learn to operate outside the boundaries of their normal mode of patient care to embrace ideas such as telemedicine. But while many chiropractors are wrestling with the dilemma of keeping their practices open while experiencing a drastic patient drop off, some have found this as a way to look for new opportunities of growth while combining the passion of their field of practice with out-of-the-box ideas to create multiple streams of income.

Chiropractic Income Increasing Marketing Strategies

chiropractic-marketing-strategy-speaker1. Professional Speaking. For many of you, event speaking has become a common chiropractic marketing tool to incorporate public speaking and “onsite” chiropractic evaluations at events such as community fairs. Why not take this a step further?

You have the knowledge base, use it! So much of the field of chiropractic is about promoting better health. The knowledge of nutrition, exercise and good health practices are valuable commodities that all chiropractors possess. Do your part to share that wealth with others through professional speaking, by providing your services to schools, employee groups, and healthcare agencies, as well as the public.

A great start is to…

  • Define Your Speaking Topics
  • Create a Clear, Persuasive Speaker Sheet
  • Get a Demo Video Made
  • Have Your Staff Reach Out to Potential Speaking Groups

2. White-Label Products. Let’s face it we are a consumer society often driven by the next “cool” thing. But as consumers we also seek out the best of items that can improve our life. One way this is done is by seeking out items that we need from those we trust most.


As a trusted healthcare provider, you know the health and wellness products that can greatly improve your patients’ lives. You have probably already been sharing many of these on a daily basis in your office. Now is a great time to scope out some of these products to white label as a little chiropractor marketing.

Moreover, many white-label products chiropractors may consider are: ergonomic furniture, nutritional supplements, exercise gear. *Don’t forget you may also have relationships with alternative and holistic medicine providers who can offer homeopathy and naturopathy treatments that can be white-labeled.

White labeling is when the producer of a service or product is a product or service offers their product to be sold (and rebranded) under an end-purchaser’s brand to make it their “own”. Think of the common store brands of many retailers.

Write a Book. You know you have always wanted to share your knowledge with others. Now is the time to put those words down in black and white, write a book. Our world is one of mixed up messaging when it comes to health and wellness. Now is the time you can use your expertise to help others get on the path to a better life.

Writing a book does not have to be a huge ordeal. Remember the old saying, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”  Make an outline and start penning your thoughts one hour a day. While traditional publishing is valiant, authors are no longer held to the stringent practices of antiquated publishing houses. There are many avenues for self-publishing, the most noted of which is Amazon.



3. Create Artwork. Who doesn’t love art? Not only are your patients chiropractic care fans, but so are many others in your field. Even if you are not a graphic artist, chances are you know one.

Share your message with the world through the creation of artwork. Did you know there is a large amount of scientific evidence that art increases brain function and improves overall well-being? And, that cortisol can be reduced by simply viewing art?

Take a chance and explore your creative artistic side. Not an artist and don’t know any? No problem. Choose the message you wish put out and search out an artist online via Fiverr, Etsy or your local art studio. Some good ideas are: posters, apparel and cups.

Georgia-Chiropractic-Association-logoCHECK OUT WHAT BONNIE SAYS…

Bonnie Mauldin, Owner and Managing Director of The Mauldin Group, was recently a featured guest, interviewed by Dr. Ben McDowell on The Chiropractic Connection with the Georgia Chiropractic Association discussing HIPAA Compliance and Website Development.

The Chiropractic Connection is a podcast by chiropractors for chiropractors –


chiropractic-marketing-strategy-video14. Chiropractic Marketing Videos, Webinars and eCourses.

You have some great chiropractic marketing ideas that not only can improve peoples’ lives but can also help those following in your footsteps. And don’t forget there are companies out there now, seeking to improve corporate wellness and looking for your online solutions to meet their required company health training.


Videos, webinars and eCourses have opened up the world to more knowledge via the Internet. Now more so than ever, learners are searching for ways to train from the comfort of their home.

Whether your goal is helping others on the road to better wellness, opening up minds to chiropractic or sharing your experience with chiropractic students, offering these options online can be easy to design and implement. And, finding a marketing partner such as The Mauldin Group to help you set these up seamlessly, can take the stress out of this potential income gold mine.


5. A Membership Website. Everyone wants to be a member. Membership websites are one of the fastest growing phenomena for 2020. And why not, membership websites then offer end users a community avenue to highly valuable information, chat forums, products and services.

chiropractic-marketing-strategy-membershipWhile this is not going to be a huge money-maker at first, a membership website will provide a steady stream of income for your practice. Another more important potential is the opportunity to build you up as an Influencer in your field. This can mean answering that age-old marketing question of “, how to get more patients to our clinic?”  With more patients searching you out for services and even more opportunities to solidify you as a leader in your field.


Membership Website Ideas To Get You Started

          • Check out other membership sites to see what they offer.
          • Make a plan but don’t drag it out too long or you may lose interest.
          • Offer beginning memberships at a lower rate.
          • Engage with your members, and also give them the personal experience.
          • Offer a few “freebies” – these can be special eBook downloads, webinars, etc. Available only to members.
          • Adapt as needed. Therefore, you will find there are somethings that work and some that don’t so be flexible to your members’ needs.

The Mauldin Group Has Your Chiropractic Marketing Strategy


However, Don’t let the Covid-19 pandemic make you doubt the potential of your chiropractic practice. Your patients are out there, you just have to creatively reach them.

The Mauldin Group team has a combined 30 years of experience helping clients to find their market and soar in it. Especially, we have first-hand experience working with health and wellness providers across several fields including chiropractic.

We offer a range of chiropractic marketing tools to open up multiple income streams AND…get you even more patients! As a leading digital marketing firm and SEO agency, we can provide a customized program to meet your practice and personal goals including: website design, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, video production, eLearning development, and also corporate branding.