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Content Marketing

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Content Is King, But Is Your Business Camelot?

Custom Content Marketing Keeps Customers Coming Back For More

YOU have a great product or service, but do you communicate it well?

To make an unforgettable presence online and connect with consumers requires more than flashy images, YOU need interesting content that offers style, provides information and out markets YOUR competitors. You want unique, customized content on your website, landing pages and social media that people want to read and share with their network. Unfortunately, most business owners don’t have the time or skills to create valuable content assets for their businesses. At The Mauldin Group, we offer a wide rand of customized content marketing solutions that make your company stand out from the crowd.

Content That Begs To Be Engaged With

Good content, like much of digital marketing, is not limited to one type. To be effective it has to meet YOUR business goals, connect with the target audience, be of sharing value and communicated on the best platform. To accomplish all this, YOU need a creative, expert online marketing team who can discern which type of content published at the best time will encourage the greatest results for YOUR brand and lead generation.

By promoting good reviews and instantaneous sharing across social media platforms, YOUR business can increase its odds of capturing the interest of potential customers as well as rising to the top of search engine rankings. New customers will see YOU as dependable and trustworthy.

Content marketing generates over three times as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62% less.

Small businesses with blogs get 126% more lead growth than small businesses without.

Content marketing rakes in conversion rates six times higher than other methods.

Custom Content Marketing Increases Qualified Leads

Customized content can effectively promote your brand’s products and services while communicating a message of trust, knowledge and experience with YOUR target customer base. But even more importantly dynamic, interesting content is crucial to SEO and can greatly affect Google rankings.

The key is to have a custom marketing strategy that is uniquely designed to meet YOUR company exact goals for SEO, lead generation and branding. With The Mauldin Group’s content services, your business is guaranteed original content that reaches your desired audience, increases SEO impact and that you will be proud to put your name on.

You NEED Content Marketing and Here Is Why- FAQs

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is messaging that take the form of writing, video, images and our audio that communicate a company’s ideas, products, and services. These pieces of content provide information and are of value and interest to a business’s clients and customers

Do I Have to Create My Own Content?

No. At The Mauldin Group we offer several programs for our digital marketing services, all of which include some component of content marketing.

Is Content Just Written Text on My Blog?

No. Content can take the form of several types of written content including: Press Releases, Newsletters, e-Books, and of course blog articles. In addition, content can be in the form of branded graphics, infographics, videos and podcasts.

Does Content Marketing Have Any Other Value?

Yes! Content marketing often serves in a valuable capacity of helping to establish optimal SEO.

Content Marketing With Passion

Whereas Content is King, the wrong type of messaging can quickly lead to someone calling’ “Off with your head!” At The Mauldin Group, we have the creative intensity of Picasso coupled with the writing passion of William Faulkner. Okay well, that may be a stretch. But, when you come onboard with us, you immediately experience a difference with our unique approach to content marketing.

We Love Writing

We love writing, actually we love ALL content. But writing, is a special passion for our team. We strive for excellence and passion in what we put out to the world for our clients and ourselves.

We Listen

We listen to what your company goals, are as well as your marketing concerns.

We Embrace

We embrace the excitement you have for your products and services.

We Do Our Homework

We check out what is trending and going on in your industry.

We Scope Out

We scope out your competition and come up with ideas and messaging to make you stand out from them.

We Find The Keywords

We research the long-tail keywords that customers are searching for in your industry and business to incorporate them into our content.

We Understand Content

We know that content is more than just text. It is graphics, video, audio; you name it we use it!

We Want Our Clients To Succeed

We work hard to put out uniquely created, stylish, one-of-a-kind content that garners attention and adds value for our clients.

The Mauldin Group Custom Content Marketing Process

At The Mauldin Group we want your messaging to be honest, creative, and accurate. But, most of all we want it to be YOU. Your content should be cohesive with YOUR brand. It should have your business style, tone and pizazz. To accomplish that we have a very unique, proprietary approach to our content marketing process.

When you come onboard with our programs for content marketing, you immediately will sense a difference.

  • Our content marketing manager will meet with you and one or more of our team members to access your company’s messaging needs and branding guidelines.
  • Our writers will create content that is written especially for your business to provide value across all your marketing channels (website, blog, email, social media, etc.)
  • Our designers will work with you to design visual content (graphics and video) that is custom to YOUR brand.
  • Our editorial team works with you to keep the need for revisions minimal.
  • Our management offers a monthly session to discuss any content (or any other) marketing ideas, concerns or goals you may have.

The Mauldin Group Loves Content!

The Mauldin Group offers customized content development services designed to strategically meet your business’s unique digital marketing needs. Through careful market plan evaluation and creative artistry, The Mauldin Group specialists can increase your online presence, build your brand’s recognition, tell your story and attract, as well as engage, your target customers and clients. Our expert content creators bring experience from the fields of writing, graphic design and video production to deliver the customized results your company needs.

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