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The DOs and DON’Ts of Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Can Your Content Marketing Pass The Test?

Any digital marketer will tell you that while it is good to have an arsenal of tools for your marketing strategy, it is worthless unless you have great content. Content marketing has come a long way since inception. Fluid in nature, each year content marketing continues to grow and change. For most marketing agencies it can be a challenge keeping up with the metamorphosis. For businesses trying to handle content marketing on their own, it can be a headache.  Even worse for those outsourcing their content marketing, it can be a costly mistake if handled incorrectly. That is why it is imperative to know the DOs and DON’Ts ahead of time to assure your content marketing performs its best.

Following these 6 DOs and DON’Ts of Content Marketing can help your business get off to a great start on its marketing strategy. Our infographic can provide you with a graphical reference when seeking to start your content marketing campaign. Content Marketing - Business Infographic The Mauldin Group

Types of Content

Text – Often thought of as the only form of content, text content is an important part of any business messaging. Remember when writing text for your website or blog page to make sure you have a minimum of 300 words so that Google can rank the page for searches. In addition, make sure your content is entertaining, informative and interesting. As always, grammar and spelling are important. Not a writer? No problem in addition to hiring freelance writers, you can also “invite” bloggers to write content for your blog as “guest bloggers”.

Video – Video is hot! More than 500 million hours of video are watched by visitors on YouTube each day. In addition, 87% of online marketers now use video as part of their content. Video does not require a huge investment in equipment or expertise, a great cell phone can capture good video.

A few things to remember for capturing good video:

  • The ideal video time is under 60 seconds. Training videos may be longer but, anything over 4 minutes usually will turn off watchers.
  • Use a tripod or table top stand to keep your footage from being shaky.
  • Tag your video at the end with your contact info.
  • Post to YouTube!

Slideshow – Slideshows are another good resource for getting the most important messaging out in a simple way. Keep your text short and brief. Don’t go over 5 slides., anything over 10 slides is wasted. Post your slideshow to LinkedIn’s SlideShare.

Content Marketing The Mauldin Group Way

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