Digital Marketing Agencies Atlanta’ Tips For Successful Small Business PR Strategies

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Digital Marketing Agencies Atlanta’ Tips For Successful Small Business PR Strategies

Digital Marketing Agencies Atlanta And The Successful Small Business PR Strategy

Digital Marketing Agencies Atlanta, Asks Is Your PR Performing For You?

Once thought of as a need only for enterprise level corporations such as Coca-Cola and Home Depot, Public Relations is an element of marketing that truthfully all businesses can profit from. No longer is PR limited to crisis management or “saving the reputation” of a company, many businesses both large and small have found that by adopting a PR strategy for their business, they can promote their interests in a more proactive way. As one of the leading Digital Marketing Agencies Atlanta, we have some tips that could help any small business use Public Relations to boost their brand, and profitability.

Digital Marketing Agencies Atlanta Questions To Ask About Your PR Strategy

Do You Know Your Market? This is crucial not just for good PR but, for business success as well. Establishing who your customer is should be one of the first tasks when creating your business. Creating a Buyer Persona is one of the foundation blocks of a sales funnel and will help you to know exactly what product or service you have is right for them as well as how to communicate with them about it.

Where Does Your Audience “Hang Out”? You need to know where to not only find your potential customers, but also how to communicate with them. If you are looking to reach the millennial crowd, don’t go fishing the Facebook waters and you better get proficient at Instagram and Snapchat. Are you looking to establish good relationships with other business leaders on a B2B framework? Then LinkedIn is definitely where you should be putting your communication emphasis.

Am I Ready For A Press Release? A press release is the Public Relations manager‘s most effective tool. But, it is only useful if used for the RIGHT purpose at the RIGHT time. A press release should be “news worthy” if it has any hopes of being picked up for use by a news outlet. It also should have some value both for the reader and the news writer (journalist). It is important to know the best news outlet to send your press release to as well. While the local newspaper may not be interested in your revolutionary product, an industry news outlet may grab up your release quickly for their next printing.

NOTE: Make sure you include up-to-date contact information on your press release in the event that the writer needs to contact you for follow up questions.

Have You Created a PR/Marketing Calendar? Having a calendar that documents your PR and marketing strategies can assure success and help greatly with production. It also provides coverage in the event that a team member is out and you are scrambling to cover their tasks. Having a greater outlook can help you plan around product launches, holidays, industry tradeshows and give you a leading edge when it comes to really publicizing around those events. In addition, keep in mind that most media outlets plan at least one to three months ahead.

Are You In The Community? An important part of being news worthy, is being in the community. Your company needs to be seen not just as a business but, as a community member. Here are some ideas that can help you become active in the local area and could help your community outlook:

  • Join the Chamber of Commerce or Business Association.
  • Host a table at your city’s local festival.
  • Sponsor a local marathon or 5K race.
  • Become a mentor in the schools.
  • Start an internship program at your company.
  • Have a booth at university job fairs.
  • Sponsor the local college or high school sports teams.
  • Provide something from your business for local charity silent auctions.

Are You Involved With A Charity?
People love it when businesses “give back” especially when it helps those most in need. If your company has not found a charity to sponsor or being involved with, do it! Not only is this a great way to bring your employees together as a team but, it also can give you the opportunity to step out from behind the daily operations that are focused on profitability. Often consumers will seek out a company that gives back and is involved with charity work. And, not to sound too self-serving, this work can provide you with news worthy opportunities for your business and staff. The key is to just be genuine in your commitment.

Are You Promoting Your Company As Much As Possible? In today’s digital world, if you want your business to be known you have to really put it out there. Good PR means seeking every opportunity to promote your business, your staff and your clients. Ways to do this can be:

  • On Social Media – Make sure you are posting consistently to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat.
  • With Video – Create a YouTube Channel and post short graphic videos. Use Facebook Live to share.
  • By Email – Make sure you send out a monthly newsletter or eBlast.
  • Check Into Auto-Syndication – An auto-syndication tool is used for submitting articles and content to social and business networking services all at one time.Digital Marketing Agencies Atlanta - PR lineup

Are You Promoting YOU as Much As Possible? Establishing yourself and your team members as influencers can bring an element of legitimacy and trust to your company. Make sure you participate in opportunities to shine a spotlight on the talent you hold within your company walls. Share video tips, host informational webinars and take part in opportunities to speak at business functions.

Is Your Company Message Clear? Make sure when sharing your message, that it is clear and speaks to your company’s mission statement (and make sure you have one). Be consistent with your message and stay true to your brand with it. Take opportunities to share it across your social media with posts, branded graphics and videos. Show off your business strengths, uniqueness and ideals.

Are You Investing Enough In Your Marketing and PR? For good PR and Marketing Strategies to work, it requires investment. Both, of funds and time. Remember the core goal of a good PR campaign is establishing a relationship with people. Go after your audience (potential customers) where they are at and listen to their needs, then provide solutions. If you don’t have the time and energy to invest in your PR and digital marketing yourself, hire a knowledgeable team…they are worth it. Make sure your business budget places the value it should on your PR and marketing needs. These done correctly…will bring in the profits you desire.

Digital Marketing Agencies Atlanta Shares What To Do When PR Goes Bad

Digital Marketing Agencies Atlanta - PR CrisisIt has happened to just about every business, whether it is simply a bad review or a huge public relations nightmare. And, no company is safe from it. Some of the largest, most stable enterprise level companies have fallen victim to scandal at one time or another, when PR goes bad. There are however some steps every business should take to address when something goes wrong in the Public Relations world.

It is clear that Public Relations is necessary for every company, large and small. By developing a strategy that takes advantage of your company’s strengths, you can make great strides in customer engagement while establishing your business as an influencer in the industry. Keep in mind, there will always be obstacles and no company is immune to a viral PR disaster, the best win is to have a crisis management plan in place so that your team is prepared for when the storm hits.

Let The Mauldin Group, The Firm Digital Marketing Agencies Atlanta Look To teach You About PR

The Mauldin Group is leading a workshop-webinar on July 25 at 11:30am  on Public Relations. The workshop is part of TMG’s Online Marketing 101 Series and promises to provide attendees with highly valuable information on the complex world of Public Relations. The workshop will be led by TMG Owner and CEO, Bonnie Mauldin. Known as the “networking ninja” and “go-to digital marketing guru”, Bonnie has built a reputation as one of Atlanta’s Digital Marketing Influencers.

The Mauldin Group, Your Digital Marketing Agencies Atlanta Expert, Knows PR

While at The Mauldin Group is not a Public Relations firm, we are experts at many of the services that make up a good PR campaign and can be used as part of your small business PR strategy. Services such as online reputation management, email marketing, social media marketing and content marketing are core values and the TMG experts know just how to make those work for the best messaging. To find out more Contact Us Now or Call Us At: 678-846-2306.


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