The Mauldin Group’s Tips on Building a Better Business Brand

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The Mauldin Group’s Tips on Building a Better Business Brand

Whether you’re a start-up that requires developing your brand from scratch or an established corporation that needs to refine their image, a strong brand will make all the difference in your company’s growth. Company branding defines your business to you, your team, and customers. Here are a few branding tips from your Digital Marketing Firm in Atlanta: 

Do Your Research. There are many different components that go into building a better business brand. The best place to start is to conduct market research. Identify the goals and expectations for your company. As you research, ask yourself questions like: who is my target audience? What niche does my business fall into? What type of services or products will we be known for? Think of your brand as a living person. Every individual has different values and beliefs that make them unique. Your business should too.

Quick tip: Content is king. Unique content marketing can give your business an unforgettable presence online. You need content on your website and social channels that people want to read and share. Good content will effectively promote what your business has to offer and communicate a message of trust, knowledge and experience with your target customer base.

Freshen Up Your Look. A professional logo sets the tone and gives the first impression. The logo, color scheme, tag line, and graphics should all be cohesive and flow nicely to create a better business brand. These aspects work together to make your company more memorable.


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Identify Your Voice. Your company’s brand has a specific voice that will best speak to your customers. This is important to identify for consistency and building strong relationships with customers. Is your voice professional or friendly? Informative or conversational? Once you identify a voice that your target market will identify with, you can execute this tone across your website, blogs, and social media platforms.

Let Your Core Values Shine. Your Business Brand presents a unified image that supports your business’ principles. Ensure your business’ brand is authentic to your corporate identity by identifying the core values of your company.  Social media has added a whole new medium to connect with your customers. Utilize this new pathway by connecting with your customers on a personal level, and allowing them to easily identify your brand identity.


Our Digital Marketing Firm in Atlanta offers Brand Training!

Branding is the very essence of your business and how you convey your unique services to the world. Your goal as a business owner should be to acquire a space of real estate in the minds of your target audience. You can do this by strategically branding your company and making it shine above the rest of the competition. If you are looking to Build a Better Business Brand, then check out The Mauldin Group’s Marketing 101 Series Workshop on November 7, 2018. This one-of-a-kind event will offer you highly valuable Business Brand training that most people pay hundreds of dollars for.

Hosted by The Mauldin Group’s Managing Director and “Rainmaker,” Bonnie Mauldin, you will learn how to use the tips above to build a better business brand.

A strong brand is crucial to business success. Ready to be taken “From the Bottom, To the Top”? Contact Us Now or Call 678-573-9895.

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