Dogwood Forest

Dogwood Forest

Dogwood Forest communities offer Assisted Living with 5-star hotel appeal, seeking to give residents a place to call home where they can live as independently as possible for as long as possible. Dogwood is known for creatively incorporating designer style with exceptional wellness care, where residents feel they are on vacation and can enjoy life on their own terms. They provide beautiful grounds and living accommodations, a thriving community of active and engaged seniors, and the help needed with day-to-day activities that may become necessary as a natural part of the aging process.

What They Needed…

The challenge to The Mauldin Group to help Dogwood Forest break away from the normal view of assisted living to communicate their own, non-traditional views. While Dogwood had a website, and they were not looking to make any major changes, it was not performing optimally for SEO. They needed better rankings for the most important and competitive keywords for more local leads, footfalls and revenue.

They needed to increase in organic leads; helping to reduce cost per acquisition quintessential for multi-location senior living facilities across the Metro Atlanta area. And, to create credibility and trust by ranking on top at the first page of Google search result web/map helps create a positive impression on the user’s mind.

In addition, blog posts were not optimized to garner Google bot attention thus increasing SEO rankings. Last, their social media presence lacked consistency in posting and did not incorporate a mix of relevant content.


  • We created an advanced SEO program that supercharged the brand’s visibility for highly competitive keywords.
  • Through a consultative approach to wireframe reviews, site audits, redirect strategies, and more, we eliminated any barriers for search engines crawling the new site.
  • We launched a series of paid search campaigns across Georgia and the US with the goal of driving leads and ROI while focusing on new and old customers.
  • TMG created a list of high search volume and high priority keywords for which Dogwood Forest could improve paid and organic performance, and then developed strategic recommendations for the type of content needed to drive performance on those terms.
  • We also identified existing landing pages that could drive traffic increases after additional organic optimization.
  • We re-mapped the paid search campaigns to the new, query-tied content to decrease paid search bounce rate and reduce costs.


There were significant improvements to paid search performance as well as the organic search visibility and results.

  • Results – Bounce rate decreased by 30% and time on site and pages per visit also experienced improvements.
  • Results – We increased overall organic search traffic to the Dogwood Forest by 60% in one month alone.
  • Results – We increased organic search traffic to the new article content by 70% in the same period.
  • Results – At present, we have more than 32 keywords on the first page of Google search engine.
  • Results – We have established a social media presence for Dogwood Forest on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Results – Facebook now has:
    • A Total Page Likes of 3,003.
    • A Total Page Followers is 2,981.
    • Monthly Page Likes are up 600%
    • Monthly Page Views are up 143%
    • Monthly Page Followers are up 650%
    • A Total Engagement of 531
    • Total Impressions reflect 149,000. Daily Average is 1,620.
    • Average Daily Page Reach reflects 1,346.
  • Results – Twitter now has:
    • Total Tweets are up 6.67%
    • Total Engagement is up 25%

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