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The Mauldin Group Has A Unique Solution For Your eLearning Services Needs

At The Mauldin Group, we understand that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for instructional design. Your eLearning program requires a careful, customized strategy that looks at both the instructors’ and students’ needs. With the ADDIE Instructional Design Model and the creative talents of The Mauldin Group team, we are able to design and implement an eLearning solution that optimally meets your goals.

These include:

  • Instructional Design Consulting Services
  • eLearning Modules for Corporate Training
  • eCourse Production
  • (LMS) Learning Management System Setup, Design and Maintenance

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That by 2025 the Global eLearning Market Is Estimated to Reach $325 Billion?

Spending $1,500 Per Employee On Yearly Training, Companies Can Improve Profit Margins By Up To 24%?

Companies Can Make Back $30 In Productivity For Every Hour of eLearning?

Digital Learning Technology Improves The Grades of 81% of US College Students?

Let Us Develop Your Instructional Design and eLearning Solutions

Who do you want to train and why? eLearning offers opportunities for training a wide range of learners.

These include:

  • Companies Seeking To Train Employees On Services, Products, Operations and Safety
  • Entrepreneurs Who Want To Offer Online Courses To Consumers On Any Topic

  • Colleges And Schools Seeking To Enhance Their Program And Course Offerings With Online Learning
  • Businesses Wishing To Offer Product Training To Their Customers

At The Mauldin Group, we provide instructional design consulting and development that is customized to your needs including: facilitators, learners, goals and budget. We use all the tools in our wheelhouse to design a unique instructional program.

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Highlighting The Mauldin Group’s Learning Management System Setup

A Learning Management System (LMS) offers its instructors and students the convenience and efficiency of having one platform to communicate and exchange learning materials from any location. Originally popular with colleges and universities, the LMS platforms have proven how vital they are in the wake of the coronavirus for all educational entities and businesses.

The Mauldin Group offers customized development of Learning Management Systems using the WordPress platform. Offering designs that emphasize productivity, we strive for users to be creatively engaged.

Our LMS Designs offer:

  • Customizable Designs
  • User-Friendliness
  • Easy Navigation
  • Dependability
  • Intuitive User Setup
  • Strong Organization
  • Dynamic Uploading
  • Trustworthy Assessment Features

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What Does The Mauldin Group Offer As Your eLearning Services Agency?

An eLearning Program Can Improve You Company Culture

The Mauldin Group team is experienced in creating an eLearning environment that engages learners and improves company profitability. Using the ADDIE model for instructional design, we help our clients to build eLearning courses that are instructional, easy to navigate and communicate effectively the goals of our clients’ messaging.

Using ADDIE, we implement a five-stage process:

  • Analysis – As part of the analysis phase, we work with our clients to identify their instructional needs and goals. We establish the objectives of their training program, as well as the potential students’ needs and goals.
  • Design – As part of the design phase, we start the content design process. We work with our clients to establish the instructional elements such as lesson plans, learning objectives, assessment tools and training tools. We specifically look at the forms of media communication to be used.

  • Development – As part of the development phase, we develop the program’s technology foundation and any hard copy instructional materials. Our developers create the technology structure needed to communicate, test, teach and evaluate a student’s learning of the client’s instructional program.
  • Implementation– As part of the implementation phase, we implement a training protocol for instructors covering curriculum, testing procedures and final evaluations. We review the process to make sure performance is intuitive and optimal. We also install and train students on the technology tools for learning and assure student registration performs flawlessly.
  • Evaluation – As part of the evaluation phase, we implement a two-part review process, formative and summative evaluations. The formative evaluation is an ongoing review throughout the whole development process. At each stage, we carefully evaluate the development steps to assure that any negative, confusing, or ill-performing elements are addressed BEFORE launch. During the summative evaluation, we work to define any criterion-related testing needed and develop a review procedure that allows for feedback from all users.

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Let Our eLearning Services’ Team Develop Your Instructional Design

The Mauldin Group team has a creative solution to your analytical needs. Using a very extensive skill set, we can design an instructional design solution that is engaging, dynamic and encourages learning.

Our Instructional Design Services Include:

  • The ADDIE Instructional Design Model
  • Web Design For The Course (elements for Marketing, Registration, Training and Evaluation)

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) If marketing globally
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click) If marketing globally
  • Social Media Marketing (for student and instructor communication; program marketing promotion)
  • Email Marketing (for registration, student communication, and marketing)
  • Video Production (for course training and marketing)
  • Webinar Production (for course training and marketing)
  • Audio|Podcast Production (for course training and marketing)
  • Branding
  • Competitor Analysis (for marketing and initial competitor research)

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Is The Mauldin Group Affordable As Your eLearning Services Firm?

Working efficiently, we have a proprietary approach to our eLearning services strategies and offer a buffet of service programs that are streamlined to meet your organization’s needs. Through our process, we are able to greatly reduce the turnaround time for deliverables. But, most importantly we are able to keep your costs affordable allowing for more service options and increased registrations.

Where Is The Mauldin Group eLearning Services Firm Located?

The Mauldin Group is located in Roswell, Georgia, serving organizations, schools and businesses of all sizes. While we have a large local clients list, we also work with clients nationwide and globally.

How Does Our eLearning Development Work?

Your time is important, so we have a very streamlined process for onboarding our eLearning Services clients. Our process works like this:

A Discovery Call

To assess if our services meet your unique needs.

An Instructional Design Consultation

To discuss the best plan of action to create your instructional program.

An Instructional Design Plan

We develop a customized plan specific to your training requirements cognizant of your goals, facilitators and students.


Our team goes into action with the ADDIE Instructional Design Model.

10 Reasons Companies Choose The Mauldin Group

  • 01 We’re local but serve national accounts
  • 02 Great online reviews
  • 03 Experience with specific industries
  • 04 Proven results
  • 05 Budget friendly
  • 06 Easy to work with
  • 07 Very responsive
  • 08 Give personal attention
  • 09 We truly care about your success
  • 10 Our services typically increase sales and profits

Who Is The Mauldin Group?

Custom eLearning Services Developed for Superior Engagement

The Mauldin Group is an award-winning Instructional Design Consulting Services agency. We retain a creative in-house team with a combined 30+ years of experience in the marketing and media design industries. Working intimately with your methodology, we help you to bring your vision to life delivering interactive eLearning courses.

The Mauldin Group is ready to take your company from the bottom to the top with a personalized instructional design suited to attract learners and ignite profitability. Choose your next step below…

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