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5 Critical Elements Every Assisted Living Marketing Agency Should Have

The Right Approach Makes a Difference

Any great marketing agency will tell you there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for your marketing needs; for example, the type of marketing a school would need is different than the type of marketing a construction company would need. And that’s why we’re here: to explore what makes up a great marketing agency, specifically for the assisted living industry.

In our experience at The Mauldin Group, we’ve learned that every effective assisted living marketing agency should have five important elements to help their clients get #ToTheTop!

5 Essentials Every Assisted Living Marketing Agency Needs

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1. An Understanding of the Market

The best assisted living marketing agency will serve as an extension of your team. In that role, agencies must stay informed about the assisted living market, covering relevant topics and producing valuable content. Marketing agencies should be aware of industry-specific terminology, topics, services, and more to fully serve their assisted living clients.

2. Deep Expertise for Social Media

Effectual marketing agencies will be able to use social media to increase brand recognition, grow your audience, and target potential leads. Marketing agencies can use social media to assist those in the assisted living industry by combining research and experience with their knack for social media marketing. By understanding different platforms, studying trends, and brainstorming how to competently adjust tactics, agencies can use social media as a powerful tool for assisted living marketing efforts.

3. Prior Experience Specific to the Industry

As an assisted living facility seeks field-relevant experience in a new hire, marketing agencies should acquire relevant experience to best serve their clients. With past experience in similar clients, marketing agencies possessing relevant knowledge will apply best practices, executing creative marketing tactics effectively.

4. Great Reviews

Will the work you’re investing in get the job done? Do your research to ensure this venture will deliver desired results. From testimonials to a proven portfolio of work, any digital marketing agency that works with the assisted living industry should have a demonstrated track record.

5. Ability to Understand and Execute Business Goals

Setting goals is the most effective way to plan for business growth and development. The best marketing agencies will use principles, experience, and creativity to plan to feasibly reach these goals.

The goals should cover various areas, but prioritizing an enhanced digital presence and increased conversions is crucial in digital marketing.

Find an Assisted Living Marketing Agency That Checks All the Boxes

Count on The Mauldin Group to Deliver Results

From getting you #ToTheTop of search results to generating leads, The Mauldin Group is an experienced assisted living marketing agency that delivers results. Our specialists, experienced in the assisted living industry, are dedicated to helping your company reach and exceed its marketing goals.

Bill Holbrook, PresidentThe Mauldin Group provides a very thorough approach to web design and SEO optimization. They will guide you through the process patiently and help you to maximize your return on investment.

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