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Why Is Franchise Marketing Different?


Franchises Require Marketing Specific To Their Needs

When it comes to digital marketing for businesses there are a number of strategies that are similar and can cross over when working with different industries. But, when it comes to franchise marketing, things change drastically. As a franchise digital marketing agency we frequently see common mistakes that are made when trying to squeeze a franchise into a one-size-fits-all marketing program. Here are some items that explain why franchise marketing solutions are so different and require a customized approach.

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Why Is Franchise Marketing So Different From Other Companies?

The Franchise is Larger Marketing Field


Let’s face it when it comes to supporting a franchise, you are looking at a much larger landscape. Even smaller franchises, or multi-location businesses, can be supporting up to ten different franchisees or locations. While larger, better known franchises like Taco Bell, McDonalds and Burger King can be looking at thousands.

Yet, while most of the big boy franchises have their own in-house marketing teams, many smaller franchises with hundreds of franchisees are often understaffed when it comes to marketing. Or, even worse their marketing models leave the marketing up to the individual franchisee.

A Franchise’s Competition Can Be Another Franchise

So while most franchises are set up to serve their own strictly outlined territory that does not mean their competition is solely the normal competition. Let’s face it competition in some industries can be fierce. And while a franchise may have the upper hand thanks to their franchisor, established branding, and the great services or products of their franchise, competition can still be a hurdle. However, it’s when the competition is within one’s own franchise that it becomes really taxing.

Check Out This Scenario…

Bob buys a franchise from a well-established franchisor for a fast food restaurant with a set area of service and advertising.


Now it just so happens that the franchise he purchased was struggling a bit under a previous owner. Now less than five miles away is another franchise owner Sally, whose franchise is more established.

While the franchisor has some stringent branding guidelines, a major portion of the franchise digital marketing is left up to the franchisee to pay for and coordinate, while still fitting into the franchisor’s branding program. Now at the franchisor level there is ONE marketing director in charge of franchise marketing initiatives, special programs, leads dispersement and overseeing brand adherence for the 150 franchisees.

So Bob, who is new has just laid out a major investment for his new franchise. He knows he is facing stiff issues right out of the gate like many bad reviews on Google. To make matters worse not only is Bob facing major competition within his district but, customers in his district are now going to Sally, his franchise partner because her restaurant has good reviews, is still relatively close and she has much more capital to spend for her marketing as she has had a few years to build up since purchase. AND, the marketing director unfamiliar with the area, is mistakenly sending leads for catering jobs to Sally that should be going to Bob.

Now Bob is starting to really feel the pressure.


The Franchisor is receiving bad reviews for his restaurant on the corporate page. The marketing director is pushing initiatives that don’t really match his customer market base. In a desperate attempt to get back on track Bob hires an inexpensive online marketing service to design a marketing campaign. Unfortunately, the campaign breaks many of the franchisor’s branding rules.


In the end, Bob becomes frustrated and begins seeking the quickest way out of his contract.

Sally starts feeling the pinch because in the area, customers are spreading word across social media that the brand itself is suffering major quality issues.

And, the franchisor takes a BIG Hit in the once lucrative and solid area of service.

Franchise Marketing Requires More Than One Level of Support

Franchisors who attempt to have one in-house marketing person oversee their marketing often are underserving themselves and their franchisees. While branding guidelines are the cornerstone and security for a corporate brand, in order for franchisees to experience success, they need their own personal marketing solutions.

A franchise needs a marketing team that is not only knowledgeable about the company, but also of its brand. Marketing strategy must accommodate top-tier down marketing needs as well as the individual franchisees’ needs to assure success for the franchise as a whole.  For franchises, marketing needs include two levels of service needs:

Franchisor Marketing:

  • Marketing Strategy Support for The Whole Franchisefranchise-marketing-lists
  • Corporate Identity Creation
  • Corporate Website Design and Maintenance
  • Branding Consistency and Oversight Support
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on the Corporate Website
  • Google Analytics on the Corporate Website
  • Google AdWords (PPC) on the Corporate Level
  • Social Media Marketing as a Corporate Entity
  • Content Marketing for National, Local and Global Support
  • Business Listing Management for the Franchisor and Franchisees
  • Online Reputation Management for the Franchisor
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Marketing Reporting for both the Franchisor and Franchisees Levels

Franchisee Marketing:

  • Customized Marketing Strategy Support For The Individual Franchise
  • Local Website/Landing Page Design and Maintenance
  • Branding Consistency with Local Customization
  • Search Engine Optimization for Franchisee
  • Google AdWords (PPC) on the Franchisee Level
  • Social Media Marketing with Local Focus
  • Content Marketing with Local Focus
  • Business Listing Management for the Franchisees
  • Online Reputation Management for the Franchisee
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Marketing Reporting for the Franchisee Level

The Mauldin Group’s Fortitude Franchise Online Marketing Solution


At The Mauldin Group we are a franchise digital marketing agency that sees franchise marketing differently. We understand that for a franchise to be successful, its marketing has to be customized to fit both the franchisor and the franchisee. We have successfully worked with some of the leading companies in the franchise industry. Helping our franchise clients move to the top of Google’s Page #1 above other competitor franchises is a challenge we enjoy and frequently master with astounding results, often in record time.

Our team of creative marketing solutions specialists and media design experts are experienced and skilled in providing unique marketing services and deliverables that excel client goals and enhance branding recognition. We help garner more qualified leads for franchisees leading to greater franchisor value. 

With Fortitude Franchise Marketing, franchisors are freed from all the complicated tasks of franchise internet marketing and lead generation on the franchisor and franchisee levels so that they can confidently concentrate on their business. Franchisees experience marketing services similar to having their very own marketing team for an affordable cost that can be seamlessly integrated into the franchisee on-boarding process if desired.

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