What To Do When You Need More Qualified Leads Coming In…

Lead Generation

Are you getting qualified leads or are your leads missing their mark?

 As a marketing company we hear this cry from potential clients all the time…we need more qualified leads! And, our first question normally is well, who is you target audience? Typically, the answer to this very simple question is the opening of a flood gate to a number of issues that may be stalling qualified leads and pushing through unqualified leads. So, to address the lack of great leads finding their way to the sales team, let’s take a look at the two most common issues that could be clogging your sales funnel and costing you profits.


“What is a Qualified Lead? A qualified lead or sales qualified lead (SQL) is a potential client or customer that meets a specific target (or set of parameters) of acquisition.  This lead is deemed “qualified” as a viable prospect, for a product or service offered by the seller.”

Often when a business is not getting an adequate quantity of qualified leads there are a couple possible obstacles blocking the process. In knowing how to address these obstacles and what questions to ask, company managers, business owners and entrepreneurs can assess the problems and create solutions that will get more qualified leads coming in quickly.


Who is Your Target Audience?

Knowing this is the #1 most crucial piece of information. If you don’t know who the customer or client is for your product of service offering, then how do you know they need it? Do you research and make sure you know the important aspects of your prospective customer.

Learn about the demographics and statistical characteristics of your audience. What community aspects do they share?

These include:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race
  • Education Level
  • Annual Income
  • Marital Status
  • No. of Children
  • Geographical Location


It’s also important to know the psychographics of your audience. What behaviors are unique to your audience?

These include:

  • Lifestyle
  • Interests
  • Hobbies
  • Purchasing Behavior

Once you have all of this valuable information, creating a buyer’s persona, or profile, can help you or your marketing agency to build a marketing strategy that is customized to attract your target audience. This information will not only help in the beginning of your marketing outreach but can help you in development of future products and services specifically for your particular customer.

Do You Have a Sales Funnel and Is It Clogged?


A sales funnel should be an important part of every business’s marketing strategy. A sales funnel not only helps to “sift” out unqualified leads but drives your qualified leads ultimately to making a call to action. Most sales funnels have four critical levels of measure.


Awareness – Alerting potential clients or customers of your company’s solution to their problem.
Interest – Capturing potential clients or customers interest with specific marketing materials that reflect the best of your solution.
Decision – Encouraging potential clients or customers to make a decision or purchase.
Action – Providing a “Call To Action” that meets your potential clients or customers with your solution. And hopefully creates a relationship for future business.

Sometimes you have to clean out the clogs. If you recognize that qualified leads are falling out of the funnel after the second or third level, then it may be time to “clean out” or re-evaluate your marketing strategy. Work with your marketing agency to create content and offerings that will capture, engage, and keep your qualified leads’ attention. If the leads are not making it into the funnel or falling out on the first level, you may need to take another look at your buyer profile to see if you are indeed addressing your ideal client or customer.

The Mauldin Group Are Experts At Capturing Qualified Leads

Gaining the most qualified leads for your business can seem overwhelming. Often companies will exhaust budgets and spend countless labor hours in pursuit of more qualified leads only to end up in frustration. However, a knowledgeable marketing agency with a proven track record can alleviate the stress of underperforming marketing and boost profitability.


The Mauldin Group has been increasing qualified leads for our clients for over 5 years. Our proprietary approach begins with getting to know our clients and their business intimately. We generally discuss what worked, what isn’t, and what needs improvement to gain better, more qualified leads.

The Mauldin Group uses several tools to create a strategic marketing plan that incorporates one of B2B Marketing’s most powerful and effective tools, LinkedIn. The Mauldin Group has its very own proprietary software for LinkedIn with dynamic lead generation capabilities. As a LinkedIn Marketing Agency, we can creatively design communication materials that capture decision maker attention and encourage responses to your call-to-action…sometimes in days!

The Mauldin Group can help you build more awareness, initiate more interest, help guide decision and inspire action. Ready to increase your qualified leads? The Mauldin Group is ready to take your lead generation To the Top! To get started Contact Us Now or Call (678) 846-2306.