Getting Online Reviews Is Not That Hard

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Getting Online Reviews Is Not That Hard

Getting Online Reviews From Your Customers

So your business has done it again, you have delivered another great service experience to a very satisfied customer. You’ve been paid and the customer has expressed how pleased they are with your service. Time to roll on to another customer right? But wait! You are forgetting a very important step to completing the customer relationship process, requesting an online review. Yet, while most companies deliver excellent customer service and have nothing to fear in getting online reviews, many fall short costing them valuable feedback and potential new customers.

You Gotta’ Ask For MoreGetting Online Reviews

getting online reviews -oliverOkay let’s admit it, when it comes to asking for online reviews from customers we all have that vision of Oliver Twist saying, “Please sir I want some more.” But with 92% of consumers seeking out online reviews as a first step to making a purchasing decision, getting online reviews is just too important to business success to ignore. But, you don’t have to be the starving orphan begging for scraps either. There are some tips that can make you feel more confident in asking for online reviews.

Tips For Increasing The Chances of Getting Online Reviews

Invite, don’t ask – It’s all about the manners. When looking for online reviews from your customers, phrase the request as an invitation. This makes the customer feel like their feedback is appreciated and important; which technically it is.

Give Them Something In Return. No, we don’t mean pay them for the online review and definitely do not expect it to be a positive one just because you are offering an incentive to post. However, time is important, especially in our busy, over-scheduled, daily lives. Offering a discount on their next service, a coupon for a product or a freebie sample can make it worthwhile for your customer to take the time to post an online review.

Timing is everything. Requesting online reviews requires perfect timing. Customers are normally hesitant and may even view it as presumptuous on your part if you ask for a review before the service has even occurred. However, asking for an email address at the beginning of registration so you can email the request quickly after is perfectly acceptable. The best-case scenario is to provide your customers with a way to post a review upon signing off of service or at point of sale. For instance, outfitting your service team with a tablet to collect the customer’s email and generate an instant review request, can greatly increase your chances of getting online reviews.

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Use Your Email. Obviously you can ask for online reviews by email but, we are saying think a little more outside of the box. Make sure you include your reviews link in your email signature and newsletters. This will insure that if your customers are too busy when requested the first time for reviews, they will have a second or even third chance via email.

Tell Them How To Do It. While you should always make it easy and user-friendly for customers to post an online review, sometimes review sites don’t always cooperate. Review sites such as Yelp, require users to sign up for their website before they can leave a review, and even then they may not post the review where easily visible. If you are requesting that a customer post to one of these sites, it is always best to give them a brief instruction sheet with their invoice or by email, with the URL for your company’s listing on the review site. The best sites however require very little instruction to post online reviews; think Facebook and Google.

HELPFUL HINT: Remember when it comes to SEO, Google is always king and Google Reviews play a very important role in search rankings.

Make it easy, use an ORM Platform. Let’s face it getting online reviews can take some work but, the less work for the customer the better. Sometimes using a marketing company who offers an easy and effective Online Reputation Management platform can often pay for itself. A marketing company can effectively set up your ORM to work optimally and monitor your online reviews process to assure it is performing at its best. In the end this will save your team the time of managing the online reviews and efficiently increase your positive online reviews while actively addressing any negative ones.

The best ORMs offer a way for you to quickly (immediately after service or sale) request an online review from the customer and assure that positive reviews get posted right away. An ORM will also provide an instantaneous way for you to respond to a negative review so that you can hopefully turnaround the unsatisfactory customer experience and avoid the one-star rating that can hurt your brand’s online presence.

Getting Online Reviews Does Not Have To Be Hard

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By becoming proactive in getting online reviews, your business can experience increased website traffic, improved brand recognition and better customer retention. The key is to have a good Online Reputation Management strategy that works efficiently for both you and your customers.

At The Mauldin Group we specialize in helping businesses evaluate and increase their online reviews with optimal Online Reputation Management. Whether your need is simply increasing the posting of positive reviews or responding to negative reviews more efficiently, we can help you find a balance that will take your ORM from the bottom to the top!

To find out more about The Mauldin Group’s Online Reputation Management, or any of our innovative services, please contact us now or call – Local: 678-846-2306.

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