Outsourced Marketing Agency, When to Hire For Your Business

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As A Business Owner It Makes Sense to Choose An Outsourced Marketing Agency

With proper planning and implementation, a good marketing plan can help increase brand awareness, bring in leads, reduce costs, and improve sales. But most business owners do not have the time or expertise to take their marketing from strategy to launch successfully. That is why hiring an Outsourced Marketing Agency can be the best sense for budget, time and best results.

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Hiring a Marketing Team: In-House or Outsourced Marketing Services?

 outsourced-marketing-agency-servicesWhile many businesses still consider hiring an in-house marketing executive as the norm, there are several drawbacks to choosing this option.

  • It requires finding the right people to handle marketing and marketing-related tasks. However, this can be a challenge since 72.8% of employers encounter difficulties finding candidates with the right skill set.
  • You need more resources when hiring an in-house marketing team. They will need adequate office space, equipment, tools and applications, additional training (when necessary), and matching compensation. You may also need to manage and monitor their work to ensure compliance with the company standards.
  • It can drag the progress of your marketing programs. Almost 50% of all businesses are not fortunate enough to find the right candidates in the job market so consider yourself lucky if you have a marketing team with the right skills and expertise.

On the contrary, you wouldn’t run into such problems if you decide to work with outsourced marketing firms. Here’s why.

  • Outsourced marketing solutions are more cost-effective. Outsourced marketing costs are nothing compared to hiring an in-house marketing team. You can skip the expenses associated with salary, benefits, training, and managing an employee. 
  • Most outsourced marketing companies offer a full suite of services. They have a team of professionals that can fill all your marketing needs (content, digital marketing, graphic design, web development, PPC, SEO, etc.).
  • Outsourced marketing packages can be customized. When you choose to work with an outsourced marketing consultant, you can have access to specific services when you need them. Agencies such as The Mauldin Group, can customize a marketing plan that specifically meets your company’s needs and goals for the target market you desire to reach.

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Ready To Hire Us As Your Outsourced Marketing Agenc

You Can’t Fit Your Marketing Solutions To Your Staff’s Abilities, Your Marketing Solutions Have To Meet Your Business’s Marketing Needs.


When Should You Hire an Outsourced Marketing Agency?

You should seriously consider outsourcing when:

  • You want to achieve results. Does your marketing team constantly fall short of their goals despite their hard work? Well, you honestly can’t expect top performance if your team doesn’t have the right skills and experience your business needs.
  • Digital marketingYou can’t stay on schedule. Marketing involves multiple specialized tasks. A few people can’t possibly handle all the content creation, SEO, graphic design, web development, email marketing, and social media marketing your business needs without running into some sort of delays. With so much on their plate, your marketing team may be overextending themselves, resulting in missed deadlines and sub-optimal results.
  • You don’t know what works. If you are constantly trying several approaches at once but can’t pinpoint which campaigns work and why, you may be throwing good money down the drain. Worse, you may not even be capable of replicating your previous successes.

Outsourcing your marketing to a professional marketing agency can be the most cost-effective way to achieve your business goals. However, since every business is unique, you may need to assess your situation to know if working with an outsourced marketing agency can give you what you need.

The Mauldin Group, The #1 Outsourced Marketing Agency Choice

At The Mauldin Group, we are one of the top Outsourced Marketing Agency choices for a reason. We harness a full team of in-house experts for website development and digital marketing services. We can take your marketing from plan to launch working together as a whole team. No more piecing your marketing needs out across several agencies OR overwhelming your office staff, hoping for the best outcome. We have everything needed for the perfect, customized marketing solution in one place to uniquely meet your budget where it is.

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