How To Create a Marketing Plan for 2017

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How To Create a Marketing Plan for 2017

New Year, New Marketing Plan for 2017.

The 2016 fourth-quarter financial reports are in; your business now has its sights set on new growth and a new marketing plan for 2017. Now it’s time to kick off your marketing plan but, before you start spending those marketing dollars, there are a few questions to ask yourself.

What are my company goals for 2017? Now is the time to take a realistic look at what your business goals are for the new year. Make a list of what your needs are for your operations first. If you struggled in 2016 keeping up with the demand for your services then kicking off 2017 with a big marketing campaign, that could put a strain on your team’s production capabilities, may not be the right plan. If you’re closing 2016 on a slow note, it may be time for your marketing plan to get those sales leads coming in for 2017.

What’s NEW? Do you have new services or products that will be launched? Are you considering moving into a new market or area of service? Have you purchased a new business? All of these questions are important and can each change the direction of where your marketing budget may need to focus.

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Is my website up to where it should be? This is the single largest hurdle we see for clients-Do we REALLY need to update or build a new website? Often times they do not see the value in spending marketing dollars to update a website when they do not use it for online sales. Our answer is ALWAYS a resounding-YES!

Like it or not we now live in a digitally driven society. Your website is your calling card, it represents your brand and rightfully so or not, your company will be judged by it.

What did NOT work in your marketing last year…and more importantly why? Step back and take an honest look at your 2016 marketing efforts. Did you attempt too adventurous a marketing campaign? Did you allocate enough funds to PPC? Did you try a marketing strategy without the proper insights or guidance? OR…did you have the expert guidance and just decided to “do it your own way”?

Sadly we often see great, knowledgeable business leaders who hire a marketing team because they “want someone who has the training” but then ignore the advice given to them. Think of it this way, if you were having surgery would you want a qualified surgeon to perform the task or would you want to try it out for yourself first? Exactly!

A lot can play into why a marketing campaign does NOT work; bad timing, unfeasible expectations, incorrect messaging or the wrong type of marketing tool; these can all have a negative effect on your marketing’s performance. Your marketing investment is important to you AND your marketing team.

What are the best marketing tools or programs for my company’s success? Many times this question can be answered by the industry your business is in. For instance service industries often rely heavily on Direct Mail Marketing campaigns. But, just because your industry leans more so on one particular marketing program does not mean it stops there. Mobile devices now drive 56% of online traffic; now more so than any ever, tools like SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC (Pay Per Click) and video are all important to reach your target market.

How is your Social Media Marketing? Did you know that over 70% of customers are more willing to purchase a product based on a social media referral?smicons_new marketing plan

Benefits include:

      • Better Brand Recognition
      • More Brand Loyalty
      • Increased Website Traffic
      • Better Customer Engagement
      • Improved SEO Rankings

The key to success however, is having a solid social media marketing strategy.

How much are you willing to budget for your marketing? Sounds painful doesn’t it? That dreaded question equating to nightmares of un-returned investments. While no campaign is a 100% guarantee, there are ways to assure a better outcome. Having a marketing plan in place that takes your company’s strengths and weaknesses into consideration is an important first step. You also need to construct a well-written marketing plan and have the knowledge of what marketing tools are out there as well as how they are each best used. Be forewarned…these are constantly changing. We often feel like there should be a warning label attached to marketing that says,

“These acts are performed by expertly trained marketing professionals, Do Not Attempt this on your own.”

While understandably deciding to take on a new marketing plan for 2017 can be a bit overwhelming, it is necessary for your business to experience consistent growth. Remember you can have the greatest products or services in the world but if you can’t get them in front of your customers it does not pay off.

At The Mauldin Group we pride ourselves on offering businesses successful, affordable and creative options to meet their marketing needs. With a expert trained, in-house team that has a wide-range of communication, design and marketing skills so you can be confident knowing we can meet all your marketing needs locally and with detailed attention. We offer a host of services under our Digital Marketing umbrella as well as PR and Business Consulting options for those companies and individuals who need more personal guidance to reach their goals. Contact us now to see how we can take your marketing from the bottom to the top.

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