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Lead Them To Buy!

Lead Generation, The Critical Step To Sales

When it comes to lead generation, one thing is true, if the lead is not qualified, the lead’s no good. But what if you had a way to know that a lead was qualified? A vision of not only who was the source of that lead is but, can actually see into their minds to find what services or products they are looking for from YOUR business.

Now, what if YOU also had the company contact information to take that qualified lead and run with it? This is custom lead generation from The Mauldin Group!

The Mauldin Group’s Lead Generation Delivers Actual Qualified Results:
  • The Business that visited your website.
  • The Name, Position and Email Address of key decision makers in that business.
  • The Pages the organization visited.

If The Leads Don’t Fit, They ARE Useless

The Mauldin Group’s uses our very own proprietary lead generation formula to take the headache out of unqualified leads. In addition, we combine with a partner “software for turbo-charged lead generation,” that offers businesses an edge in sourcing qualified customers.

But more so than anything, it is the depth of the information that our lead generation service can furnish to YOUR business. We provide you not just with the lead, but detailed lead information about the lead and their activity to help YOUR sales team approach with confidence!

Our Custom Lead Generation Approach is Different

The beauty of The Mauldin Group lead generation is that it delivers the qualified lead data needed for your sales team to proactively create a sales pitch that is directly related to what the customer is searching for. Through us you have a team behind YOU to assure you don’t miss a lead and have the digital marketing tools to create a unique message for that customer.

We start with a customized approach to YOUR lead generation by doing our homework. Most traditional “lead generation” companies will take a cookie-cutter approach. They decide your lead generation process according to the known information of your industry. At The Mauldin Group we believe it’s not about just getting “any” leads, it’s about getting qualified leads that meet YOUR company’s exact goals.

We meet with you to learn about:

  • Your Business
  • Your Buyer’s Profile
  • Your Lead Generation Goals
  • Your Marketing Strategy
  • Your Approach to Customer Service
  • Your Sales Funnel
  • Your Sales Team

The Mystery of Lead Generation – FAQs

What is Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is a marketing process used to entice customer and client with an interest a business’s products or services to action. This “process” falls into two specific categories: inbound and outbound.

How do you generate leads?

  • The first step is to identify your audience. A buyer profile is the best tool to figure out this crucial piece of your lead generation.
  • Create a Sales Funnel. A sales funnel is your roadmap to what should be your customer’s journey to a purchase.
  • Assess what are your optimal promotion methods. You need the right message on the right platform at the right time!
  • Start a Newsletter. This is one of the best ways to build your contacts list.
  • Use Social Media to your advantage. Figure out where your audience hangs out, harness those online referrals.
  • Triple-check the response process for your leads. So many times the lack of turning over good, qualified leads can be tracked to leads left un-responded to or receive poor customer service upon introduction

How Do You Target A Lead?

Here are a few…

  • LinkedIn
  • Landing Pages
  • Live Events (Workshops, guest speaking events, etc.)
    Online Chatboxes

What Is B2B Lead Generation?

This is the lead generation process specific for businesses whose target market or customer base is made up of other businesses rather than the retail customer. An example would be a manufacturing company that makes parts for a product sold by another company.

B2C Lead Generation is the process of sourcing leads from consumers who directly use your products or services. Examples: home services companies, restaurants, retail stores, etc.

If you had one word to describe PR, what would it be?

Storytelling. Good Public Relations communicates or “tells” a great story of your business, product, service or YOU! It is most effective in times of positive communications but, can be vital in times when there is a crisis offering solutions for addressing negative press.

An Affordable Lead Generation Revolution

The Mauldin Group is in place to help businesses implement lead generation in a revolutionary way. We understand that you need more qualified leads to get more sales. That is why we work to make our custom lead generation service affordable and brings a good ROI. We assure that qualified leads are captured and communicated to in a way that boosts your profits and take your sales from Bottom To The Top!

Imagine if your lead generation could…

  • Allow for a unique sales pitch within 24 hours of search.
  • Be easily incorporated into your sales funnel.
  • Make messaging personal to your customer.
  • Present “magically” a brochure in the mail for their searched product or service.
  • Free up your sales team from cold calls.