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How Can I Improve My Company’s Website Performance?

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The Mauldin Group, Your Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency, Shares Insight On Improving Website Performance

In this day and age, a quality website for your business is one of the most valuable assets you can put your time and money into. Your website is how you interact with customers, market your business, make sales, and everything else in between. Because of the great value it holds, it is crucial that you are aware of how your website is performing and running, and if it is not reaching its full potential, what you can do to improve its performance. The Mauldin Group, your Atlanta digital marketing agency, can guide you through the process of improving your company’s website performance.


Atlanta Digital Marketing Agency Top Website Performance Metrics

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• Website Speed

Content aside, your company’s website needs to be a smooth-running operation. A website is meant for easy access and convenience and should be able to show a viewer everything they want to know about your business. A customer can be quick to judge your business if they are having to wait too long to find what they are looking for, due to slow website speed.

Studies show that it takes only 0.05 seconds for a user to decide whether or not they like your website. To eliminate the risk of losing a customer, there should be no waiting around for a page to load.  A customer may be interested in the content of your website but get frustrated with the slow loading speed and decide to look elsewhere. So, what is the solution? Generally speaking, your pages should take a maximum of 2 seconds to load. This means steering clear of large files on your website, even if they are really pretty and eye-catching.

• Design

The design of your website tells your customers a lot about your business. It provides validity and is a reflection of the quality a customer can expect when working with you. That said, a poorly designed website that is not updated regularly can be very hurtful to your business. So, providing an optimal user experience is a great way to improve your website. Here are a couple of ways to do so.Atlanta digital marketing agency

      • Be mindful of the desktop and mobile views. Rather than making mobile visitors zoom in, out, and around to navigate your website’s content, make the mobile view legible and user-friendly. Your website should be easily accessible on every available platform.
      • Two words: seamless integration. Your layout, color choices, fonts, and aspect ratio are all key elements to selling your website and business to customers. Headings, text, and accompanying images need to emphasize your business and overall design. Creating a modern aesthetic that showcases the details of your business is the best way to peak customer interest right off the bat.

• Fresh Content

Having fresh content for your website is extremely important for SEO and simply bringing in foot traffic. As previously mentioned, viewers will make snap judgments about your business based on your website, so if it looks outdated and dusty there is a good chance you are losing a lot of potential business.

Fresh content is not mutually exclusive with higher indexing. What it does is increase the chance that a search engine is going to come upon your website. The more often you are pushing out new content, the more often you are going to be on a search engine’s radar.

When creating new content, remember the importance of keywords. Utilizing blogs is a great way to implement keywords into your website and rank higher with algorithms. The trick to perfecting this is not to write content solely around keywords, but to create content that serves a purpose to its viewers, where your keywords can circulate organically. For more information on SEO click here.

So, How Do You Improve These Aspects of Your Website?

As you now know, there is a lot that goes into creating and maintaining a quality website. It can be an overwhelming element when you are running your business simultaneously.Atlanta Digital Marketing agency

What should you do? Consider working with a digital marketing agency. Place your website in the hands of skilled professionals that will be able to make sure your website is always performing at its best.

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