Boat sales dealerships and marine repair shops can benefit greatly from marketing to online customers. The Mauldin Group can help you cash in on your share of the $36 billion recreational boating market in the U.S. by using our digital marketing services to put your business online. We offer social media marketing, search engine optimization and online marketing services to boat sales dealerships and marine repair shops across the U.S. Consumers that are in the market to purchase boats, nautical product sand boating services are already using the Internet to research and purchase products. We can help you reach these potential customers to gain your share of the boating industry market..

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Here are a few tips from The Mauldin Group on promoting your boat sales dealership or marine repair shop online:

Create a website. Boating consumers are looking for dealerships and marine repair shops such as yours online but they need a place to find you. Building a website where customers can see your boats, products and services will gain attention and generate sales.
Network, network, network! Customers that use your products and services will also visit marine supply stores to get equipment for their boats. Connect with these businesses because if they know about you, they will make sure their customers do too.
Use social media. Many boating experts and consumers are online and use social media heavily. Social Media Platforms can put you in front of boating enthusiasts and vendors while also allowing you to become visible to many online consumers looking for your products.
Videos are powerful. Posting videos (such as of people sailing, friends fishing and families enjoying the water) on your website showing the fun things that people can do with their boats influences potential customers and leads to impulse purchases.

The Mauldin Group offers the following services for Boat Sales Dealerships and Marine Repair Shops:

The Mauldin Group offers online marketing services, social media and search engine optimization for boat sales dealerships and marine repair shops across the U.S.

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