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Online Marketing for Franchises

Franchise Marketing can be a challenge. Your business wants to keep its brand consistent yet encourage entrepreneurship and freedom to excel to your franchises. Add to this the complexities of legal parameters to be upheld and the need to see consistent growth, and things get complicated, especially for your marketing aspirations.

We can help your franchise rank higher in Google and show up with great online reviews from your customers. Plus, our team will manage your social media pages for your so all locations will have one succinct brand message going out at the same time. Give us a call to see how The Mauldin Group can take your company to the next level and surpass your competition!

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Make Your Franchise Number One with Help From Our Experienced Online Marketing Team

Franchises most often demand consistency but often also need content that can be customized to highlight locations locally, nationally and in some cases globally. Social media marketing management often requires a platform that can publish to several accounts and platforms at one time to be cost-effective and efficient for all. In addition your business may need customized marketing to meet different strategic marketing goals for different locations.

The Mauldin Group is experienced in bringing together marketing solutions that can meet the complex needs of franchise marketing. Whether the requirements are for brand cohesive graphic content for one individual franchise or written content that communicates in multiple “voices” for several locations, The Mauldin Group can create a marketing program that meets you exactly where you are at.

If you are ready to see how The Mauldin Group can take your business from the bottom to the top.

At The Mauldin Group offers the following services for Franchises that want to see their business grow:

The Mauldin Group can assist furniture stores in developing a strong presence online by offering online marketing services, social media and search engine optimization.