Online Marketing for Electric Companies

Electrical companies are often pegged into one category or another. Often operating behind a veil, electricians are not always seen but definitely needed. In today’s digital market place, customers and builders expect an element of trust when seeking electricians. Having a company presence online is crucial to establishing your electrical business as a reputable option for their needs.

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Residential customers scour the internet and social media when searching for electricians for a service call to address their homes’ electrical needs. Choosing your company over another can often come down to who has the greatest reviews online and is being referred by previous customers.

Commercial customers will seek your website to assure your have the proper licensing, skills and experience to meet the high demands of their major contract build. Having a website that not only communicates this through words but provides images can place you at the top of the search list.

Customers need to know if you are there and capable to meet their service needs whether it is building out new electrical panel and branch circuits; or, installing new lighting, generators or energy management and UPS systems.

The Mauldin Group offers website development, search engine optimization, social media marketing and digital marketing services that can help you capture attention of potential customers and cement your company’s brand in the online world.

The Mauldin Group offers the following online marketing tips to help promote your electrical company:

Optimize your website for SEO. A Search Engine Optimized website will appear at the top of Google’s searches and allow your potential customers to connect quickly with you. Builders seeking your electrical services can quickly get to your website to review it to assure you have the proper licensing for all your electricians and foremen.You can communicate assurances that your team is members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. You can also provide images to show your quality of work.
Use PPC effectively. Using PPC to strategically can assure your reach your target customers through effective, dynamic ads. PPC can lead the customers you want to a call to action that translates in contracts and sales for you.
Build a Social Media, Online Presence. You should create profile pages on popular social media platforms. This will increase your electrical company’s visibility and allow existing customers to post reviews and easily refer you to others who need your services.

The Mauldin Group can assist eco-friendly, natural products companies with accomplishing their goals by offering online marketing services, social media and search engine optimization.

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