Plumbing companies face stiff competition in the market place both for customers and plumbers.While traditional direct mail marketing may have worked in the past, it cannot compete with today’s digital market place. Having a company presence online is crucial to getting calls. Often potential customers see a truck on the road or sign passing by and think nothing of it until, disaster strikes. In the heat of the moment people look to the easiest and most accessible sources for help…the internet and social media.

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Whether need is a new water heater, a broken water pipe, a leaky faucet or sewage backup leading to a flooded basement. Time is of the essence and finding your business easier online can lead to new contracts and more business. The Mauldin Group offers social media marketing, search engine optimization and digital marketing services that can help you gain new customers and spread the word to build your company’s brand in the online world.

Building a good team is the first step to a great reputation. Yet for the plumbing business, finding licensed plumbers with the most in-demand skills and experience is tough. Having an online presence can build your reputation as a company to be sought after by the best plumbers and plumber apprentices. Whether it is creating a careers webpage and application submission outlet for your website or getting the word out via social media, The Mauldin Group can have new talent coming to your door not the other way around.

The Mauldin Group offers the following online marketing tips to help promote your plumbing company:

Build a website. Customers that need plumbing services need to find you online in a hurry. Builders seeking new plumbing installations want to see images of projects that you have completed. You should create awebsite that shows potential customers what you can do, lists your services and tells customers how to reach you in the most timely fashion.

Climb in the Google Rankings. Being noticed online takes a certain expertise. Your website should be SEO optimized so that people can find you quickly when searching on Google. Most people will go to Google first to start searching for products or services both locally and nationally.

Create a Social Media Community. You should create profile pages on popular social media platforms. This will increase your plumbing company’s visibility and allow existing customers to post reviews and easily refer you to others who need your services.

The Mauldin Group offers the following services for Plumbing Companies that want to increase their business:

The Mauldin Group can help your plumbing company increase its visibility and gain new customers by offering online marketing services, social media marketing and search engine optimization.

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