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A Digital Marketing Agency in Atlanta That Can Make Your Restaurant Stand Out!

The Mauldin Group, A Digital Marketing Agency in Atlanta, That Puts Them In The Seats

Operating a restaurant is a 24-7 commitment. Dealing with the “hungry” public one on one. Finding the perfect staff that makes it all work. Dealing with fierce competition. And, operating on a budget which normally at its best provides for 10-12% profitability, leaves little to the imagination when it comes to Restaurant Marketing.

Your Digital Marketing Agency in Atlanta Asks, Can Customers Find You?

With over 17,900 food service and drinking establishments in Atlanta, your restaurant’s online marketing has to take advantage of every tool in the digital marketing arsenal. Google Reviews are a crucial for any restaurant that wishes to attract customers. But to get to the reviews, your restaurant needs to rank on Google’s Page #1 search results.

Are You Social?

The Mauldin Group (TMG), your Digital Marketing Agency in Atlanta, knows what it means to be “social”. For restaurants, Social Media Marketing is a vital part of building a customer base that is loyal and shares that loyalty. No longer is having just a Facebook Page going to cut it, your restaurant needs to be on the front lines of sharing on Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

If you are looking to break into the catering services industry, LinkedIn networking for B2B is an important platform to master. But, all of this is just throwing food at the wall unless you have a website that is user-friendly and visually grabs the audience by their appetites.

TMG, The Digital Marketing Agency in Atlanta, Can Make Your Restaurant Website Bring Diners In

Good Restaurant Management means pulling in both foot-traffic and digital diners. Your customers are going to look for you online and read your reviews before they will ever consider coming in. As a restaurant your website needs to communicate several messages and features:

  • An esthetic that welcomes customers whether casual dining, family style or high-end elegance.
  • Shares your menu in an easy to read but, eye-catching way.
  • Images that reflect food that is both visually and tastefully appealing.
  • Information that communicates your location, hours and parking.
  • Shares Google Reviews.
  • Provides ways to engage on social media.
  • Offers coupons, discounts, or specials.
  • Promotes special events.
  • Builds a community.
At The Mauldin Group we know you need an Atlanta marketing agency that can reach your restaurant customers attention.

Our marketing experts will listen to the needs, challenges and goals you have for your restaurant. We then will provide you with creative marketing ideas and create a digital marketing strategy that meets your goals with measurable results.

At TMG, Digital Marketing Agency in Atlanta we offer a range of Restaurant marketing services that can boost your Sales. Our services include:

The Mauldin Group, your Digital Marketing Agency in Atlanta, offers digital marketing services and brand marketing solutions to restaurant owners and managersin the Metropolitan Atlanta area. The Mauldin Group can help you to build a marketing strategy customized to meet your unique restaurant needs.

Make The Mauldin Group yourrestaurant marketing team; we will provide creative, results-driven, innovative ideas to take your dining establishment sales, To The Top! Contact Us Now for a FREE Quote.

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