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Can Internet Marketing Services Really Help My Healthcare Business?

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How Internet Marketing Services Boost Healthcare Businesses

During the 2020 pandemic, healthcare services have proven to be an essential part of our communities. We are so grateful for the sacrifices, long hours, and hard work that everyone in the healthcare industry has put in during such a demanding time. However, to experience sustainable success and growth, your healthcare business should look into internet marketing services.

Great news! The Mauldin Group’s team of highly rated specialists are here to break down how internet marketing services are advantageous for healthcare businesses, helping them flourish and making their care available to a larger audience.

The Benefits of Internet Marketing Services for Healthcare Businesses

Your Audience is Online

About 7% of all Google searches are all health-related, according to The Telegraph. That may seem like a small percentage, but that adds up to be about 70,000 searches on health-related topics per minute. Your business would benefit from ranking highly on Google for local healthcare related keywords, especially considering the volume of people who could come across your website.

Generate Positive Reviews

If you’re like many, online reviews may not have been kind to your practice. While this may seem impossible to recover from, a skillful internet services provider can help improve your online image by tackling this issue. Address bad reviews and generate more good reviews with the expert, proven support of a digital marketing agency. Hear from satisfied patients, posting great testimonials for potential future patients to see.

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There are many misconceptions about social media. As a business owner, you may think it’s a great platform to advertise. While that’s possible, a great internet marketing services provider will use social media as an opportunity to interact with your audience by creating a blueprint that’s engaging and informative that your patients will want to be a part of. New followers will discover your practice and your current audience will help with word-of-mouth by engaging with posts and sharing content. Social media is such a great platform for the healthcare industry when used thoughtfully!

SPECIAL NOTE: It is important to have a “expert internet services provider” when working with social media as they will understand the complexities of HIPAA Compliance and implement information that stays within those important boundaries. 

Boost Your Website

Great website design makes all the difference. A poorly designed website may have a high bounce rate, meaning a lot of visitors leave the page quickly. A highly functional and resourceful website will be sticky, meaning users navigate that website longer without leaving or visiting other websites while also returning at a later point. A great internet marketing team will increase the SEO and visibility of your website, optimizing it to rank well on search engines, which boosts your site traffic and brand recognition.

Keep Your Audience Updated

Unlike how traditional print marketing collateral is stagnant, digital marketing elements—such as a website, social media, and newsletter—are dynamic. Generally, these platforms are constantly changing, and that can drastically help your healthcare business. Use these vehicles to inform your patients and audience about updates, new services, promotions, and more. By following the dynamic nature of digital marketing, you can use these tools to your advantage to build your brand.

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Healthcare Internet Marketing Services That Make a Difference

From getting you #ToTheTop of search results to generating leads, The Mauldin Group is an experienced healthcare internet marketing services provider that delivers results. Our in-house team of specialists has experience working with leading companies in the healthcare industry and are even more dedicated to helping your company reach and exceed its marketing goals.

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