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What Are Different Popular Internet Marketing Strategies?

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Decoding The Mystery of Internet Marketing

The internet has become one of the most important mediums for any type of business. From construction companies to healthcare facilities, everyone must harness their online presence in order to be truly successful. The digital age has completely changed the way businesses sell their products and themselves. Internet marketing is often recognized as the most productive and cost-effective way to promote a company, and there are many different strategies to this. However, before you can put these strategies to work, you must understand what each one requires and what they offer.

What Is Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing is a broad term used to describe marketing activities executed online. It encompasses a wide range of tactics such as search engine optimization, email marketing, content marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, and paid advertising. Internet marketing can also be called online marketing, digital marketing, e-marketing, or web marketing.

Types of Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You might think that just having a pretty website to showcase your business is enough to attract flocks of customers. But unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. In order for your website to be prioritized in search engine results, you need search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is when you use specific keywords in your website or online content that match what your target audience is likely searching for. Search engines will scan your website and recommend it to those who typed your keywords in the search bar.

One great way to optimize your website is to feature a blog. Did you know that organizations who regularly post blogs get 55% more web traffic? You can use blog posts to attract visitors to your site by including target keywords. Blogs are also a great platform to demonstrate your industry knowledge, offer helpful tips and tricks, and address frequently asked questions. This will help build your credibility and develop trust with your potential customers.

To be proficient in search engine optimization requires a thorough knowledge of trending key phrases and the latest search engine algorithms. With enough SEO savvy, you can make sure your company website appears at the very top of search engine results.

Email Marketing

Email marketing involves sending emails or newsletters to either existing or prospective customers. Often this digital correspondence  is used to announce company news, advertise new products or services, offer a special discount and much more.  Email marketing is a tried and true approach to internet marketing as it offers a direct line of communication between your business and your target audience. You don’t have to hope a customer stumbles across your landing page when that same information is being sent directly to their inbox.

But in order to reap all the benefits of email marketing, you first must acquire your customers’ email addresses as well as consent to send them promotional materials.  Also keep in mind that you will have the best results if you keep your emails concise, relevant, and infrequent enough that they aren’t accidentally marked as spam.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an approach that focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant content in order to attract and retain your target audience. Often this content prompts customers to take some sort of profitable action. Through consistent content, you will be able to build rapport with your customers rather than being seen solely as an advertiser.

Content marketing is a long-term process that largely focuses on communicating with your audience. Not every piece of content published will result in direct sales. This type of internet marketing is for a company to educate and provide reliable information to the customers. Your customers will then return the favor with their loyalty and business.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is a form of internet marketing where you pay each time someone clicks on a link to your website. There are a few different types of pay-per-click ads. Paid search results is the most common one. If you don’t want to use SEO to help your website rank organically in search engine results, you can pay to have it placed at the top of the list.

A similar form of PPC is the search engine advertising. This is when advertisers place bids for ads placement in search engine sponsored links. This way when someone searches for a specific keyword, then your ad will appear at the very top of the page.

Social Media Marketing

With over 2 billion active users, social media networks provide excellent platforms for reaching people all over the world. Don’t overlook this very accessible resource! In this day and age, creating a social media presence for your company is a crucial form of internet marketing.

The key is to choose just one or two outlets that your target audience uses the most. Facebook is good for reaching families and older individuals, while LinkedIn is best for B2B relationships, and Instagram is ideal for younger demographics and influencers. Find which one makes the most sense for your business and post frequent, engaging content. A social content calendar, which will allow you to plan your posts in advance, is a great way to do this.

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