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8 Signs Your Internet Marketing Is Failing

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Not All Internet Marketing Is The Same

With so many internet marketing agencies out there, it’s hard to find one that can design a digital marketing campaign that delivers long-term results. You may have seen immediate improvement such as increased web traffic, higher sales, and constant engagement on your social media channels. However, without the proper marketing strategies, even the best campaigns will become outdated and ineffective over time. At that point, you will need to update, revamp, or entirely change your internet marketing approach. How will you know if it’s time to re-evaluate your current game plan? Here are some warning signs that you should look for:

Signs Of Poor Internet Marketing Strategies

Lack Of Clearly Defined Goals

Just because other companies are on Facebook, that does not give you a good reason to launch a social media campaign. Neither does an ambiguous interest in increasing traffic or getting more leads. You need a clearly defined goal with measurable metrics, such as “We want to increase SEO-generated website leads by 20% over the next 18 months.” This kind of goal is specific, time-sensitive, and meaningful. If you’re not meeting these targets, it means either your company is not performing as well as you originally intended or you’re setting unrealistic expectations. If your goal is to increase your conversion rate by 100 percent, you’ve already failed because that is essentially unattainable. It’s important to set SMART goals so you can properly track your success.

Low Engagement Rate

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If you don’t create content that people want to engage with, you are wasting valuable impressions. If your audience isn’t engaging with your brand, this is a clear sign you’re doing something wrong. Why is this so important? When people engage with your content, you build trust and long-lasting relationships that reliably drive sales upward. Your engagement rate may be low because you don’t understand your target audience and what they interact with. Study your target demographics in-depth and you’ll be able to improve your internet marketing.

Low Conversion Rate

Conversion is when the your audience completes the action you want them to do. This action could be downloading a PDF, making a purchase, or subscribing to your newsletter. Each company has a different measure for conversions. These are the true measure of your internet marketing success, which is why if you have a low conversion rate, you know your marketing strategy is to blame. This should be the most alarming factor, indicating that your internet marketing is truly failing.


Who cares if your campaign increased traffic by 25% if your conversions are down by 5%?


High Bounce Rate

A bounce rate is when users find your website but leave quickly after visiting only one page. While you may think that this means they found the information they were looking for after visiting only one page, that is rarely the case.

Usually, a high bounce rates means:

  • Your webpage took too long to load

  • Your landing page doesn’t look trustworthy or secure

  • The content is different than what was advertised

  • There’s too much or too little content

You may be missing out on sales because your web pages aren’t engaging enough for users to want to continue browsing. This is why a well-designed website is crucial for successful internet marketing.


internet marketingFailing to adequately budget for your internet marketing campaign is one of the most common pitfalls. Search engine optimization (SEO) involves a wide scope of activities including strategy development, website setup and maintenance, keyword research, copywriting, analytics tracking and more. With a shoestring budget, you won’t be able to do enough of these things to significantly impact your business. Many companies don’t fully appreciate the complexity of an internet marketing campaign and the resources it requires.

Reaching the Wrong Audience

Every business has a specific audience that its product or service are designed for. If your internet marketing is failing, it’s important to make sure it’s not because it’s being directed at the wrong people. Your target audience consists of the people most likely to result in a conversion, so it’s worthwhile to research your ideal customers and how to appeal to them.

Poor Online Reputation Management

Most consumers today are wary to believe a company’s claims of how wonderful or amazing their product or service is. Every grandiose claim is taken with a grain of salt, depending on the source. This is the key to effective word-of-mouth marketing. People are far more likely to trust their friends and family about the quality of products or services. However, a couple of bad reviews online can severely damage your word-of-mouth credibility. Responding helpfully and patiently to customer complaints and online messages is a great way to manage bad PR and help your internet marketing.

No Systematic Campaign Testing

The first day always yields the worst results for any internet marketing campaign. The only way to improve from there is by testing the various campaign elements (content, offers, images, keywords, etc.) This testing must be methodical and properly executed. If you use poor testing methods, it will result only in a waste of time. If you don’t test at all, your campaign is destined to fail. Successful companies are always on the lookout for better ideas. If you get stuck in a rut of repetitive email marketing and SEO strategies, you may never learn that PPC or social media is more cost-efficient and productive for your business. It’s important to continually assess your internet marketing approach.

The Mauldin Group Knows The Best Internet Marketing Practices

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