Kudzu Closure and Your Company’s Risk, The Mauldin Group Discusses How To Survive

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Kudzu Closure and Your Company’s Risk, The Mauldin Group Discusses How To Survive

Kudzu Is Quitting, What Does This Mean For My Business?

More than a few business owners were shocked to hear the news that as of November 30, 2018, Kudzu will be no more. Kudzu, known as one of the earliest online website directories, has been a “go-to” for many consumers to review and source information on local businesses. This has been especially true for many home services businesses such as plumbing, electrical, construction and many more. So as a company owner what are you to do when facing the end of Kudzu? Here are some quick tips to assure Kudzu’ closure doesn’t mean the customers reaching your business.

REMEMBER…The Deadline for Getting Your Content Off Kudzu is NOVEMBER 30th!


Kudzu Does Not Mean The End of The World, Tips For Your Business’s Directory Survival

Download Your Reviews. Online Company Reviews are critical to all businesses. These are the first place 91% of consumers go to in their research process. You can download your Kudzu reviews by logging into your existing Kudzu account and going to the Testimonial Page. From there copy and paste your reviews onto your website and make sure to keep a Word copy in your files for future needs. *If you have lost your Kudzu login, you can Select, Copy and Paste reviews from the front end of the Kudzu site as well.

Plan For A Website Change. If you took advantage of Kudzu’s website design and hosting services, you may be panicking at this moment. We understand…losing your website is a BIG deal!

  • First – Download ALL Content from your website. Your text, images and reviews are valuable assets.
  • Second – Start your website provider research now. Let’s face it, you cannot go without a website in this age of digital technology. Your website is the #1 crucial cornerstone in your marketing foundation. Many businesses will be seeking new websites and quickly. Start your search to find a high-quality, affordable website development company NOW!
  • Third – Don’t discontinue your Kudzu website until you have your website developer in place. There may be additional, vital content or information your new developer will want access to.
  • Fourth – Don’t expect your new website to be the same format as your previous Kudzu website, the truth is your website developer will most likely approach the development process differently. They may also recommend features and functions that your previous website lacked, so be open to their ideas. It may pay off in an even better performing company website!kudzu closure-googleleader


Make Sure Your Google Business Listing Is Up-To-Date! Google is the Number #1 Search Tool for consumers. While Kudzu has been a leader, Google is THE LEADER! It is critical for any business to have an updated Google business listing with online reviews. If your company’s website is not coming up at the top of Google searches, you are missing out!

Move Over Kudzu, The Mauldin Group Is Taking Business Digital Marketing To New Heights

The Mauldin Group prides itself on being one step of the coming trends or needs in the digital marketing industry. Whether your company is struggling with the Kudzu closure or has a website that does not meet ADA Website Compliance, TMG’s team of marketing and design experts are ready to help your business soar. We know that your company’s digital marketing is a concentrated budget decision and needs to uniquely meet your individual business goals.

Let The Mauldin Group Take Your Business From The Bottom To The Top!

If your business is facing a crucial, time-sensitive marketing or website need OR, your current marketing strategy is just nor performing optimally, then it is time for The Mauldin Group! Contact Us Now to set up a meeting or Call 678-573-9895.


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