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When it comes to closing the sale, the Lead Generation beginning is just as crucial as signing that contract. Often the biggest headache for a sales force is not getting leads but getting the “good lead.” The internet, and particularly Google, has become the primary source for customers and clients to seek out the answer to their unique need. A quick organic search can frequently lead to a company being overlooked or a customer becoming frustrated with incorrect results that do not meet their needs. However for businesses that do find their way to the prominent 1st Page of Google, being found by ALL searches can be just as detrimental as not being found at all. Proper lead generation means not only rising to the top of Google but, coming up to the top of the right searches.

lead generation_themauldingroup_seoSEO (search engine optimization) and complex Google algorithms have made good lead generation a challenging task in the digital world. No longer is a few keywords sprinkled over a website going to cut it. Companies instead need a continuous feed of fresh content that is written specific to their services and a strategically developed website that gives potential customers the information they are searching for in front of them in seconds.

Some of the most common mistakes that discourage good lead generation are:

  • A Disorganized Home Page – Your website’s Home Page needs to clearly and QUICKLY promote your product and services. A website visitor should be able to instantly know:
    • WHO you are.
    • WHAT products or services you offer.
    • HOW to reach you.

If a website visitor cannot find instantly what they are looking for from your Home Page or if they are unclear who your business is, they will not stick around to find out more.

  • Using the WRONG keywords in your content – Keywords are necessary for driving good lead generation. A carefully constructed website will provide interesting content that doesn’t just have keywords, but has the RIGHT keywords for both their products and their unique customers. For example, a search of the words Flow Control can provide results for technology and office management as well as fluids and gas.

If I am the supervisor of a machine shop whose hydraulic flow control valve has just malfunctioned and shut down production, the last place I need to be is on a website offering data flow control. Your content should offer the unique keywords to meet your unique customer with the unique service or product they need.

  • A Menu That Is Not User Friendly – You’ve been there, you find the company you are looking for but have to click all over to find the specific service you need. Average website visitors will only be on a webpage 15 seconds! If they can’t find it by then, they are gone. Not only your Home Page should offer quick links to services, but also the top navigation, and sometimes a sidebar menu, should aid quick customer access.
  • A CTA is Missing – Especially crucial for lead generation is a good CTA (Call to Action). How is your customer going to reach you to make the purchase if there is no clear way to get them to you? Every website should have a clear CTA option. The best companies offer both a graphical CTA, such as a “Request a Quote” button or contact form and hyperlinks within the written content as well. Offer your potential customers multiple ways to easily contact you.

lead generation themauldingroup_salesLead Collection Done Right

Collecting leads for of B2B lead generation is most important part of reaching your potential customers. Often business customers may be “shopping around” with little time to fill out a contact form. While Google Analytics is crucial for evaluating website performance, many companies benefit from additional lead collection measures. This often involves using marketing software to collect anonymous lead information, assess their needs, and provide contact information. So, that a sales team can take the next step.

Imagine this scenario, a commercial visitor is scoping out your website for a service you offer. Maybe they think they aren’t looking to buy at the moment but are shopping around. You receive the lead from the marketing tool on your website.

You now know:

  • The name of the company checking out your website.
  • What they are looking for.
  • Their website URL.
  • Crucial contact information.

Now your sales team has the lead you know fits your business offerings…a good lead. Next, send a tailored sales packet, followed by a call to the decision-maker to confirm receipt and schedule an introductory meeting. Your sales team goes in fully prepared for a good lead and to close the sale. No more chasing rabbits: your sales force is armed with an effective, confidence-boosting lead generation tool!

The Mauldin Group Approach to Lead Generation

At The Mauldin Group we know good lead generation is vital to a company’s profits. We also know that lead generation is more than just a list you purchase off the Internet. At The Mauldin Group, our comprehensive lead generation ensures alignment with your unique services and products. Also, we utilize a mix of SEO, PPC, Website Development, Online Reputation Management, and the latest Lead Generation technology… This strategy delivers leads that convert into sales.

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